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Application Rate: The amount of Intrepid EdgeTM applied per acre will depend upon plant size, volume of foliage present, pest growth stage and pest infestation level. Use a lower rate in the rate range for light infestations, smaller larvae and/or small plants, and a higher rate in the rate range for heavy infestations, larger larvae and/or larger plants. Use a higher rate in the rate range and a higher spray volume when one or more of the following is true: tobacco budworms or bollworms are more than 1/4 inch in length; target pest population is 2X above state threshold level; or foliage canopy is tall and/or dense and worms (especially fall armyworm) are present in the lower part of the canopy.
Ground Application: Make applications by conventional ground sprayers which are calibrated to deliver a minimum of 5 gpa.
Aerial Application: Apply in a minimum of 3 gpa. Use a higher carrier volume or heavy infestations and in situations where thorough coverage is difficult to achieve.
Resistance Management: Do not make more than two consecutive applications of Group 5 or Group 18 insecticides. If additional treatments are required after two consecutive applications of Group 5 or Group 18 insecticides, rotate to another class of effective insecticides for at least one application. Consult your Dow AgroSciences representative, extension specialist, certified crop advisor, or state agricultural experiment station for information on alternative effective products to use in your area. Avoid applying Intrepid EdgeTM and other Group 5 and Group 18 insecticides to consecutive generations of all target insect pests.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton4 - 8 fl oz28
Grapes6 - 12 fl oz30
Peanuts4 - 8 fl oz7
Soybeans4 - 6.4 fl oz28
Nuts6 - 18 fl oz14
Pistachios6 - 18 fl oz14
Almonds6 - 18 fl oz14
Beechnuts6 - 18 fl oz14
Brazil nuts6 - 18 fl oz14
Butternuts6 - 18 fl oz14
Cashews6 - 18 fl oz14
Chestnuts6 - 18 fl oz14
Chinquapins6 - 18 fl oz14
Hazelnuts6 - 12 fl oz14
Hickory nuts4 - 6.4 fl oz14
Macadamia nuts6 - 18 fl oz14
Pecans4 - 6.4 fl oz14
Pistachios6 - 18 fl oz14
Walnut6 - 18 fl oz14