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PRE-PARE SC Herbicide is a soluble concentrate labeled for use in burndown applications at 0.5 fI oz/a in spring, and winter wheat. PRE-PARE SC Herbicide controls early flushes of grass and broad leaf weeds. PRE-PARE SC can be used up to 1 f1/oz/a after wheat emergence but prior to wheat jointing

PRE-PARE SC Herbicide is a selective herbicide for use in glyphosate burndown applications for improved control of green foxtail, wild oat, volunteer Roundup Ready canola, cheat, Japanese brome and numerous other grass and broad leaf weeds, including winter annual weeds, in spring and winter wheat. PRE-PARE SC Herbicide also provides residual activity against many additional weeds. Removing early weed competition maximizes wheat yield potential, along with good agronomic practices (fertility, seed stands, disease and insect control). PRE-PARE SC Herbicide works best when good agronomic practices are followed. PRE-PARE SC Herbicide is absorbed by foliage and roots of susceptible weeds, which cease growth soon after application. Weeds that emerge after application can be controlled due to the soil residual activity provided by PRE-PARE SC Herbicide. Soil residual activity from PRE-PARE SC Herbicide requires absorption via roots by
susceptible weeds, therefore rainfall is necessary for acceptable residual performance.
If environmental conditions do not favor root uptake by·target weeds, a follow-up postemergent application is recommended for improved performance. Some weed emergence may be observed during or after planting; scout fields at the 2 - 3 leaf stage of the crop to determine if an additional application of a grass and/or broadleaf herbicide product is necessary. It is recommended that PRE-PARE SC Herbicide be tank mixed with an herbicide containing glyphosate when making a burndown application. The tank mix must be used in accordance with the more restrictive label limitations and precautions.
PRE-PARE SC Herbicide has more herbicidal activity on soils with low organic matter and high pH. Do not apply to gravelly soils or to coarse-textured soils with low organic matter (less than 2%) and high pH (above 7.8). Do not apply to durum wheat or barley.
PRE-PARE SC Herbicide has not been tested on all spring wheat varieties. Some wheat varieties may be sensitive to ALS inhibitor herbicides. Follow local recommendations for varietal sensitivity.
Do not apply preplant or preemergence if in-furrow applications of organophosphate insecticides have been made. Do not apply more than 1 fl oz/ac (0.025 Ib acid equivalent flucarbazone) of PRE-PARE SC Herbicide per crop per year. If EVERES 70 WDG Herbicide is applied postemergence to the crop after a PRE-PARE SC
Herbicide application; do not exceed a combined total of 0.0251b acid equivalent/acre flucarbazone of both products per crop per year.

PRE-PARE SC is an acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibiting herbicide, and will therefore control weed biotypes which have developed target site resistance to certain classes of herbicides, including ACCase inhibitors, dinitroanilines and triallates. Any weed population may contain or develop plants naturally resistant to a herbicidal mode of action. Weed populations resistant to ALS inhibiting herbicides already exist. PRE-PARE SC Herbicide will not control ALS re'sistant weeds. Resistant biotypes may eventually dominate the weed population if herbicides with an identical mode of action are used repeatedly in the same field and weed control may fail. Where possible, rotate the use of PRE-PARE SC Herbicide with herbicides that have a different mode of action.
Other resistance mechanisms that are not linked to site of action, but specific for individual chemicals, such as enhanced metabolism, may also exist. The use of PREPARE SC Herbicide should conform to resistance management strategies established for the use area. Consult your agricultural advisor for resistance management strategies and recommended pest management practices for your area. 

• For use only in wheat.
• Treated wheat fields may be grazed at any time.
• Do not mix, load or clean spray equipment within 33 feet of well-heads or aquatic systems, including marshes, ponds, ditches, streams, lakes, etc.
• Do not apply within 50 feet of well-heads or the above mentioned aquatic systems.
• Do not allow this chemical to drift onto other crops.
• Observe minimum interval to harvest of 60 days after treatment.
• Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
• Do not use flood irrigation to apply or incorporate PRE-PARE SC Herbicide.