Rye brome

Bromus secalinus

B. secalinus is a tufted annual grass propagated by short living seeds, mostly germinating in winter wheat and winter barley, 10-30 cm (3.93 - 11.81 inch) tall, hardy annual, sometimes annual.

The awns are not very long, or even be missing totally. Caryopsis is plump and heavy.

At the youth stage the blades are covered with moderately stiff hairs above and harsh, the youngest leaf is rolled.

Stems: Erect, softly haired at the nodes and 30-100 cm (11.81 - 39.37 inch) high.

Leaves: The ligule is 1-4 mm (0.039 - 0.157 inch) long, toothed, yellow to brownish.
No auricles.
Upper sheaths are smooth and strongly nerved. Sheaths are tubular, hairless and usually closed.

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