Princep 4L

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Aerial application is prohibited.
When tank mixing or sequentially applying simazine or products containing simazine, the total pounds of simazine applied must not exceed the specific maximum rate per calendar year as noted in the use directions.
Apply Princep 4L herbicide before weeds emerge or after removal of weed growth. Princep 4L controls a wide variety of annual broadleaf and grass weeds when used at selective rates in agricultural crops.
Where a range of application rates is given, use the low rate on coarse-textured soil and soil lower in organic matter; use the high rate on fine-textured soil and soil higher in organic matter.
Since Princep 4L enters weeds mainly through their roots, moisture is needed to move it into the root zone. Very dry soil conditions following application may necessitate shallow cultivation or rotary hoeing.
Princep 4L is nonflammable.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds1 - 2 qt
Peaches1 - 4 qt
Nectarines1 - 2 qt
Apples2 - 4 qt
Pears2 - 4 qt
Cherries1.6 - 4 qt
Avocados2 - 4 qt
Blueberries2 - 4 qt
Caneberries2 - 4 qt
Blackberries2 - 4 qt
Loganberry2 - 4 qt
Raspberries2 - 4 qt
Grapes2 - 4 qt
Grapefruits1.6 - 4 qt
Lemons1.6 - 4 qt
Oranges1.6 - 4 qt
Macadamia nuts2 - 4 qt
Olives2 - 4 qt
Plums2 - 4 qt
Pecans2 - 4 qt
Strawberries1 qt
Walnut2 - 4 qt
Corn2 qt60
Sweet corn2 qt45