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Pruvin Herbicide must be used only in accordance with directions on this label or in separate published MANA directions. MANA will not be responsible for losses or damage resulting from use of this product in any manner not specifically directed by MANA.
Formulation: Pruvin Herbicide is a dry flowable formulation containing 25% active ingredient by weight. It is noncorrosive to equipment, nonflammable, and nonvolatile. Continuous agitation is required to maintain the product in suspension in the spray tank. For best results the spray tank solutions of Pruvin Herbicide should be maintained at pH 5 to 7. Degradation of Pruvin Herbicide may occur if it is used in a spray solution or with spray additives that buffer pH to below 4 or above 8. Pruvin Herbicide selectively controls certain broadleaf weeds and grasses at 1 to 1.5 ounces product per acre in potatoes and potatoes grown for seed and 1 to 4 ounces product per acre in field-grown tomatoes (direct seeded and transplant). Pruvin Herbicide also selectively controls certain broadleaf weeds and grasses at 4 ounces product per acre in pome fruit, citrus fruit, tree nut, stone fruit, and grape crops which have been established for at least one full growing season. Pruvin Herbicide also controls weeds along roadsides, in highway medians, at industrial plant sites, and at utility substations when applied at 4 ounces product per acre.


Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Potatoes1 - 1.5 oz30
Tomatoes1 - 4 oz45
Citrus4 oz3
Calamondin4 oz3
Citron4 oz3
Tangelo4 oz3
Tangor4 oz3
Grapefruits4 oz3
Kumquats4 oz3
Lemons4 oz3
Limes4 oz3
Mandarins4 oz3
Tangerines4 oz3
Oranges4 oz3
Satsumas4 oz3
Apples4 oz7
Crabapples4 oz7
Loquat4 oz7
Hawthorn4 oz7
Pears4 oz7
Quince4 oz7
Almonds4 oz14
Beechnuts4 oz14
Brazil nuts4 oz14
Butternuts4 oz14
Cashews4 oz14
Chestnuts4 oz14
Chinquapins4 oz14
Hazelnuts4 oz14
Chicory4 oz14
Macadamia nuts4 oz14
Pecans4 oz14
Pistachios4 oz14
Walnut4 oz14
Apricots4 oz14
Cherries4 oz14
Nectarines4 oz14
Peaches4 oz14
Plums4 oz14
Damson4 oz14
Plumcot4 oz14
Mirabelle prune4 oz14
Grapes4 oz14
Corn0.5 - 2 oz