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Raptor herbicide, a soluble liquid, is a postemergence herbicide to control and suppress many broadleaf and grass weeds and sedges, as listed in this label.
The mode of weed-killing activity involves uptake of Raptor by foliage and/or weed roots and rapid translocation to the growing points. After Raptor application, susceptible weeds may show yellowing, and weed growth will stop. Susceptible weeds stop growing and either die or are not competitive with the crop.
Adequate soil moisture is important for optimum Raptor activity. When adequate soil moisture is present, Raptor will provide residual activity on susceptible germinating weeds. Activity on established weeds will depend on the weed species and the location of its root system in the soil. A timely cultivation after Raptor application may improve weed  control.
Occasionally, internode shortening and/or temporary yellowing of crop plants may occur following Raptor application. These effects can be more pronounced if crops are growing in stressful environmental or hot and humid conditions. These effects occur infrequently and are temporary. Normal growth and appearance should resume within 1 to 2 weeks.
DO NOT tank mix organophosphate or carbamate insecticides with Raptor on listed crops unless otherwise specified in writing by BASF. When organophosphate (such as Lorsban insecticide) or carbamate insecticides are tank mixed with Raptor, temporary injury may result to the treated crop. Separate organophosphate and Raptor application by at least 7 days to reduce potential for injury.
Use of Raptor is expected to result in normal growth of rotational crops in most situations; however, various environmental and agronomic factors make it impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product and, therefore, rotational crop injury is always possible.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.


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