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It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Ricestar Herbicide is an emulsifiable concentrate for the selective postemergence control of annual grass weeds in rice. Thorough spray coverage of emerged grasses is important. Visible effects begin as a general chlorosis (yellowing) followed by death of the weed. Visible injury of the grasses is evident approximately 4 to10 days after application (dependent upon environmental conditions); but complete kill of the target grass will take up to 21 days.
Since many grass crops, including sorghum and corn, are sensitive to Ricestar Herbicide, avoid all direct or indirect contact to neighboring fields.
Ricestar Herbicide does not control broadleaf weeds or sedges.
Rice is tolerant to postemergence applications of Ricestar Herbicide from the 2-leaf to the late tillering stage of rice development.

DO NOT apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Rice fields should be as level as possible and free of large clods to obtain uniform germination of rice and weed grasses and to ensure uniform flood levels. Do not apply when the grass weeds are drought stressed as control will be reduced. If necessary, fields may be flushed prior to treatment. If fields are flushed prior to treatment, flush in sufficient time so that the rice and grass are actively growing at time of treatment.
A. Ground Application: Refer to the Rates and Weeds Controlled table for proper application rates. Ricestar Herbicide should be applied in a minimum of 10 gallons of water per broadcast acre. Flat-fan nozzles are recommended. Do not use air-inducting or flood type nozzles. Use a minimum pressure of 30 psi. Under dense weed/crop canopies, higher spray pressure and increased gallonage are important in obtaining thorough spray coverage.
B. Air Application: Uniformly apply Ricestar® Herbicide or Ricestar® Herbicide tank mixes by aircraft in no less than 10 gallons of water per acre total spray volume. Any factor, such as reduced spray volume, which adversely affects coverage and canopy penetration will have a negative effect on the performance of Ricestar®. Use nozzle types and arrangements which will provide maximum coverage and minimize the potential for off target movement of spray particles. Droplet size for air applications should  be in the “Medium” size category as defined in the August 1999 ASAE S572 publication entitled, Spray Nozzle Classification by Droplet Spectra”. Refer to the publication for additional information. DO NOT USE raindrop nozzles. Aerial applications with this product should be made at a height which provides the most effective swath width for the aircraft, but no lower than 10 feet from  the rice crop.
DO NOT APPLY when wind speeds exceed 10 mph. Avoid all direct or indirect contact to neighboring fields.

Special Notes for Aerial Application
1. Thoroughly clean mixing vat and airplane by rinsing with clean water before Ricestar Herbicide is added.
2. It is important to calibrate the spray equipment before applying Ricestar Herbicide.
3. A flow meter is recommended to obtain proper water volume (gpa).

Fill the spray tank half full with water while the agitator is running. Add the recommended amount of Ricestar Herbicide followed by  the appropriate amount of the tank mix component (if used). Then add the remaining amount of water.

In preflood applications, a new flush of weeds may occur before the field receives the permanent flood; therefore, other herbicide applications may be required. DO NOT make a second application of Ricestar Herbicide within 14 days of the first application.

Tankmix Recommendation
For broad spectrum weed control, Ricestar Herbicide may be tankmixed with other herbicides. Refer to the tankmix partner list that identifies potential mixture partners. Apply tankmixes with Ricestar Herbicide before the annual grasses have passed the 3 leaf stage of growth. Do not tankmix Ricestar Herbicide with any other product when the grasses have exceeded the 3 leaf stage. When tankmixing, follow the directions for use on the label of the mixing partner.

Rice fields treated with Ricestar may only be replanted with rice any time after application or with soybeans not earlier than 9 months after the last application of Ricestar.

Rainfall within one hour of an application may reduce grass weed control.
Do not apply more than 30 fl. Ozs/A Ricestar Herbicide per crop year. Do not apply more than 2 applications per crop year.
A second application of Ricestar Herbicide may be made 14 days after the first application if necessary.
When tankmixing  Ricestar Herbicide and Whip 360 Herbicide do not exceed a combined total of 17 fl. oz/A per application; and a combined total of 30 fl. oz/A per crop year.
Ricestar Herbicide can be applied to rice from the 2-leaf stage to the late tillering stage of development but before panicle initiation.
ALWAYS clean spray system thoroughly with clean water before and after any pesticide application.
Do not graze or feed rice straw to livestock.
Do not apply Ricestar Herbicide to fields where catfish and crayfish are commercially cultured.
Do not use water treated with Ricestar Herbicide to irrigate crops not registered for use with Ricestar Herbicide within 14 days  of the last application of this product.
Do not apply Ricestar Herbicide within 65 days of harvesting rice.
Applications of Ricestar Herbicide made during periods of low humidity (below 50%) or to grass weeds under drought stress may result in reduced control.
Tank mixing of Ricestar Herbicide is restricted to only the products listed under the “Tankmixing Partners” section of this label. Mixing with any other pesticide product or liquid fertilizers may result in reduced weed control or crop injury.
Do not apply Ricestar Herbicide within 48 hours of an application of methyl parathion.
Do not apply Ricestar Herbicide to soils with high alkalinity or salinity content.
Do not apply Ricestar Herbicide to short-grain and aromatic rice varieties.

Read the entire Directions for Use, Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability before using this product. If terms are not acceptable, return the unopened product container at once.
By using this product, user or buyer accepts the following Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability.
CONDITIONS: The directions for use of this product are believed to be adequate and should be followed carefully. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product. Crop injury, ineffectiveness or other unintended consequences may result because of such factors as weather conditions, presence of other materials, or the manner of use or application, all of which are beyond the control of Bayer CropScience. All such risks shall be assumed by the user or buyer.

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