Sivanto 200 SL

Registered until
Registration number
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EPA # 0000264-01141-AA-0000000


It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Read the entire label before using this product.
Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.
Not for sale, distribution or use in Nassau and Suffolk Counties New York except as permitted under FIFRA Section 24(c), Special Local Need Registration.

is a broad-spectrum insecticide, formulated in a 1.67 lb AI/gallon (200 grams AI/liter) SL (soluble liquid);
belongs to a new class of chemicals known as the Butenolides;
is acropetally systemic, moving from roots to the leaves in the case of soil applications;
is translaminar through the leaf tissue and acropetally systemic, moving from points of contact
to leaf tips in the case of foliar applications;
can provide control of labeled pests on the underside of leaves; and is readily absorbed into leaf tissue and is considered “rainfast” within 1 hour after spray dries. SIVANTO 200 SL may be:
applied as a foliar application using properly calibrated ground sprayers, fixed or rotary winged aircraft, or through properly designed, sprinkler-type overhead chemigation equipment  (See Chemigation – Directions for Use section below); or applied as a soil application using low-pressure drip, trickle or micro-sprinkler chemigation, soil shank injection, plant drench, or a planthouse tray drench. For seedling flats or trays, only apply with broadcast, foliar applications or where product is intended to be washed from foliage to soil prior to drying on foliage.

Do not tank mix with azole fungicides (FRAC group 3) during bloom period.
Refer to the specific use directions and restrictions in each Crop, Crop Group or Crop Subgroup table.

SIVANTO 200 SL contains an active ingredient with a mode of action classified as a Group 4D Insecticide, i.e., a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist. Repeated use of any crop protection product may increase the development of resistant strains of insects. To delay insecticide resistance:
Where possible, rotate the use of SIVANTO 200 SL or other Group 4 insecticides with different mode of action groups that control the same pests in a field.
Insecticide use should be based on an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that includes scouting and record keeping, and considers cultural, biological, and other chemical control practices.
Before spraying SIVANTO 200 SL, correctly identify the pest and ensure economic and agronomic thresholds are met as recommended by local provincial or IPM specialists.
Monitor treated pest populations for resistance development.
Contact your local extension specialist or certified crop advisors for any additional pesticide IRM and/or IPM recommendations for the specific site and pest problems in your area. Also, for more information on IRM, visit the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) on the web at
For further information or to report suspected resistance contact your local Bayer CropScience representative for additional IRM or IPM recommendations in your area.

Types of Irrigation Systems
SIVANTO 200 SL may be applied by chemigation only:
to those crops with chemigation uses allowed in crop-specific label sections;
for foliar applications, only through overhead sprinkler-type irrigation systems, including center pivot, lateral move, side roll, or overhead solid-set systems; and for soil applications, only through low-pressure drip, trickle or micro-sprinkler systems.

The interaction of many equipment and weather related factors determine the potential for spray drift. The applicator is responsible for considering all of these factors when making application decisions. Consult the local Cooperative Extension for additional information. Avoiding spray drift is the responsibility of the applicator.

If SIVANTO 200 SL is to be tank mixed with other pesticides, compatibility should be tested prior to mixing.
Observe the most restrictive of the labeling limitations and precautions of all products used in mixtures.

SIVANTO 200 SL is physically and biologically compatible with many registered pesticides and fertilizers or micronutrients. However, it is known that many components, including crop protection products, fertilizers, micronutrients, and spray adjuvants, may be present in a tank mix combination. There is potential for adverse chemical reactions. It is impossible to determine physical, biological, and plant compatibility for all scenarios that may be encountered; therefore, it is recommended that users determine the chemical, physical, biological and plant compatibility of such mixes prior to making applications on a broad commercial scale.

Treated areas may be replanted with any crop specified on this label, or any crop for which a tolerance exists for the active ingredient, as soon as practical following the last application.
Immediate plant-back applies to the following crops:
Cereal grains (except rice), cotton, nongrass animal feeds (alfalfa and clover** only), peanut, root vegetables (except sugarbeet), tuberous and corm vegetables, leafy vegetables, brassica (cole) leafy vegetables, legume vegetables (succulent or dried), fruiting vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, hop, citrus fruit, pome fruit, bushberry (except cranberry), low growing berry (except cranberry), small fruit vine climbing (except fuzzy kiwifruit), tree nut (except almond), prickly pear/cactus pear.
Bulb Vegetable (Allium Spp .) Group 3-07 including: Chive (fresh leaves), Chinese chive (fresh leaves), Daylily (bulb), Elegans hosta, Fritillaria (bulb and leaves), Garlic (common group, great- headed group, serpent group), Kurrat group, Leek group (including common, lady’s, wild), Lily (bulb), Onion (bulb and green leaves including: common group, Beltsville bunching, Chinese bulb, fresh, green, macrostem, Pearl group, potato onion group, tree onion-tops, Welsh-tops), Shallot (bulb, fresh leaves), and cultivars, varieties, and/or hybrids of these.
For crops not listed in the immediate plant-back section of this label, or for crops for which no tolerances for the active ingredient have been established, a 12-month plant- back interval must be observed, except for the following crops:
Sugarcane (Florida, Only***)
*Cover crops for soil building or erosion control may be planted any time, but do not graze or
harvest for food or feed.
**Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
***Sugarcane: 12-month plant back in all registered states except Florida (14-Day).

Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage, disposal or cleaning of equipment.
Pesticide Storage
Store in original container away from feed and food. Store in cool, dry area. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not allow prolonged storage in temperatures that exceed 105°F (40°C) or in temperatures that fall below 14°F (-10°C).

Read the entire Directions for Use, Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability before using this product. If terms are not acceptable, return the unopened product container at once.
By using this product, user or buyer accepts the following Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability.
CONDITIONS: The directions for use of this product are believed to be adequate and must be followed carefully. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product.   Crop injury, ineffectiveness or other unintended consequences may result because   of such factors as weather conditions, presence of other materials, or the manner of use or application, all of which are beyond the control of Bayer CropScience. To the extent consistent with applicable law, all such risks shall be assumed by the user or buyer.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Broccoli7 - 14 fl oz1
Rapini7 - 14 fl oz1
Brussels sprouts7 - 14 fl oz1
Cabbage7 - 14 fl oz1
Cauliflower7 - 14 fl oz1
Chinese broccoli7 - 14 fl oz1
Chinese cabbage7 - 14 fl oz1
Collard greens7 - 14 fl oz1
Kale7 - 14 fl oz1
Kohlrabi7 - 14 fl oz1
Mizuna7 - 14 fl oz1
Mustard greens7 - 14 fl oz1
Mustard spinach7 - 14 fl oz1
Rape greens7 - 14 fl oz1
Turnips7 - 14 fl oz1
Aronia berries7 - 14 fl oz3
Blueberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Chilean guavas7 - 14 fl oz3
Black currant7 - 14 fl oz3
Buffalo currants7 - 14 fl oz3
Red currant7 - 14 fl oz3
Elderberries7 - 14 fl oz3
European barberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Gooseberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Huckleberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Jostaberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Juneberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Lingonberries7 - 14 fl oz3
Sea buckthorns7 - 14 fl oz3
Spring barley7 - 14 fl oz21
Winter barley7 - 14 fl oz21
Buckwheat7 - 14 fl oz21
Corn7 - 14 fl oz21
Sweet corn7 - 14 fl oz21
Millet7 - 14 fl oz21
Winter oats7 - 14 fl oz21
Spring oats7 - 14 fl oz21
Winter rye7 - 14 fl oz21
Spring rye7 - 14 fl oz21
Sorghum7 - 14 fl oz21
Winter triticale7 - 14 fl oz21
Spring triticale7 - 14 fl oz21
Winter wheat7 - 14 fl oz21
Spring wheat7 - 14 fl oz21
Calamondin7 - 14 fl oz1
Citron melons7 - 14 fl oz1
Grapefruits7 - 14 fl oz1
Kumquats7 - 14 fl oz1
Lemons7 - 14 fl oz1
Limes7 - 14 fl oz1
Oranges7 - 14 fl oz1
Pomelo7 - 14 fl oz1
Tangelo7 - 14 fl oz1
Tangerines7 - 14 fl oz1
Clementines7 - 14 fl oz1
Mandarins7 - 14 fl oz1
Tangor7 - 14 fl oz1
Cotton7 - 14 fl oz14
Chayote7 - 28 fl oz21
Waxgourds7 - 28 fl oz21
Cucumbers7 - 28 fl oz21
Gherkins7 - 28 fl oz21
Gourds7 - 28 fl oz21
Momordica charantia7 - 28 fl oz21
Pumpkins7 - 28 fl oz21
Squash7 - 28 fl oz21
Crookneck squash7 - 28 fl oz21
Straightneck squash7 - 28 fl oz21
Zucchini7 - 28 fl oz21
Acorn squash7 - 28 fl oz21
Calabazas7 - 28 fl oz21
Hubbard squash7 - 28 fl oz21
Spaghetti squash7 - 28 fl oz21
Watermelon7 - 28 fl oz21
Hops7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Eggplant7 - 28 fl oz45
Huckleberries7 - 28 fl oz45
Goji7 - 28 fl oz45
Ground cherries7 - 28 fl oz45
Martynia7 - 28 fl oz45
Okra7 - 28 fl oz45
Pepinos7 - 28 fl oz45
Peppers7 - 28 fl oz45
Roselle7 - 28 fl oz45
Tomatillos7 - 28 fl oz45
Tomatoes7 - 28 fl oz45
Amaranth7 - 14 fl oz
Arugula7 - 14 fl oz1
Cardoon7 - 14 fl oz1
Celery7 - 14 fl oz1
Celtuce7 - 14 fl oz1
Chervil7 - 14 fl oz1
Corn salad7 - 14 fl oz1
Cress7 - 14 fl oz1
Endive7 - 14 fl oz1
Lettuce7 - 14 fl oz1
Orach, atriplex7 - 14 fl oz1
Parsley7 - 14 fl oz1
Purslanes7 - 14 fl oz1
Radicchio7 - 14 fl oz1
Rhubarbs7 - 14 fl oz1
Spinach7 - 14 fl oz1
New zealand spinach7 - 14 fl oz1
Chard7 - 14 fl oz1
Taro, dasheen7 - 14 fl oz1
Beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Lupines7 - 14 fl oz7
Kidney beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Dry lima beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Navy beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Pinto beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Runner beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Snap beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Tepary beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Wax beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Chickpeas7 - 14 fl oz7
Guars7 - 14 fl oz7
Lablab beans7 - 14 fl oz7
Lentils7 - 14 fl oz7
Pigeon peas7 - 14 fl oz7
Soybeans7 - 14 fl oz21
Bearberries7 - 14 fl oz
Bilberries7 - 14 fl oz
Blueberries7 - 14 fl oz
Cloudberries7 - 14 fl oz
Lingonberries7 - 14 fl oz
Muntries7 - 14 fl oz
Strawberries7 - 14 fl oz
Alfalfa7 - 14 fl oz7
Clover7 - 14 fl oz14
Peanuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Apples7 - 14 fl oz14
Azarole7 - 14 fl oz14
Crabapples7 - 14 fl oz14
Loquat7 - 14 fl oz14
Hawthorn7 - 14 fl oz14
Medlar7 - 14 fl oz14
Pears7 - 14 fl oz14
Quince7 - 14 fl oz14
Tejocote7 - 14 fl oz14
Red beet7 - 14 fl oz7
Edible burdock7 - 14 fl oz7
Carrots7 - 14 fl oz7
Celeriac7 - 14 fl oz7
Chicory7 - 14 fl oz7
Ginseng7 - 14 fl oz7
Horseradish7 - 14 fl oz7
Parsnip7 - 14 fl oz7
Parsley7 - 14 fl oz7
Radishes7 - 14 fl oz7
Rutabagas7 - 14 fl oz7
Salsify7 - 14 fl oz7
Skirrets7 - 14 fl oz7
Gooseberries7 - 28 fl oz30
Grapes7 - 28 fl oz30
Kiwifruit7 - 28 fl oz30
Maypop7 - 28 fl oz30
Beechnuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Brazil nuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Butternuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Cashews7 - 14 fl oz7
Chestnuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Chinquapins7 - 14 fl oz7
Hazelnuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Hickory nuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Macadamia nuts7 - 14 fl oz7
Pecans7 - 14 fl oz7
Pistachios7 - 14 fl oz7
Walnut7 - 14 fl oz7
Arracacha7 - 14 fl oz7
Arrowroots7 - 14 fl oz7
Artichokes7 - 14 fl oz7
Cassava7 - 14 fl oz7
Chayote7 - 14 fl oz7
Chufas7 - 14 fl oz7
Ginger7 - 14 fl oz7
Leren7 - 14 fl oz7
Potatoes7 - 14 fl oz7
Sweet potatoes7 - 14 fl oz7
Turmeric7 - 14 fl oz7
Bean yam7 - 14 fl oz7
True yam7 - 14 fl oz7