Black citrus aphid

Toxoptera aurantii

Wingless forms (apterous) range from shiny, reddish-brown, brownish-black, to black in color. Top of abdomen (dorsum) is not shiny. Winged forms (alates) have a dark brown to black abdomen. The top of the abdomen (dorsum) is not shiny. Cauda (a triangular protrusion on the rear of the abdomen) is dark in color. In the wingless form (aptera), the cauda has 9 - 19 setae. In the winged form, the cauda has 8 - 19 setae. A pair of black cornicles are almost twice as long as the cauda. Pear-shaped. No markings on the wings, but the front edge of the forewings (pterostigma) between the mid-point and the wing tip is black. The media vein of the wing (originating to the left of the pterostigma) is distinctive since it has only one branch. Six-segmented antennae with black and white bands. Tubercles (head area between antennae) are not prominent, relatively flat instead of having a notched appearance.

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