Weed Killer 4D

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Weed Killer 4D herbicide is intended for selective control of many broad leaf weeds in certain crops, including, cereal grains (wheat, barley, millet, oats and rye), corn (field corn, popcorn and sweet corn), fallow land and crop stubble, sorghum (grain and forage sorghum), and soybeans (preplant burndown application only), forests, rangeland and established grass pastures including Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres, non-cropland, grasses grown for seed or sod, and ornamental turfgrass. Apply Weed Killer 4D as a water or oil-water spray during warm weather when weeds or woody plants are actively growing. Application under drought conditions will often give poor results. Use low spray pressure to minimize drift. Generally, the lower dosages specified on this label are satisfactory for young, succulent growth of susceptible weed species. For less susceptible species and under conditions where  control is more difficult, use higher specified rates. Deep-rooted perennial weeds, such as Canada thistle and field bindweed and many woody plants, usually require repeated applications for satisfactory control. Consult your State Agricultural Experiment stations or Extension Service Weed Specialists for recommendations from this label that best fit local conditions.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Winter wheat0.25 - 2 pt14
Spring wheat0.25 - 2 pt14
Spring barley0.25 - 2 pt14
Winter barley0.25 - 2 pt14
Millet0.25 - 2 pt14
Spring oats0.25 - 2 pt14
Winter oats0.25 - 2 pt14
Winter rye0.25 - 2 pt14
Spring rye0.25 - 2 pt14
Corn0.5 - 3 pt7
Sweet corn0.5 - 3 pt45
Sorghum0.5 - 1 pt30
Soybeans0.75 - 2 pt
Grassland2 - 4 pt7
Pasture2 - 4 pt7