Annual marshelder

Iva annua

Angiosperm - Flowering Dicot: Plants in this group have two embryonic leaves (dicotyledons). Examples of dicotyledons are beans, buttercups, oaks, sunflowers, etc.
Forb: A broad-leaved herb other than a grass, especially one growing in a field, prairie, or meadow.
Weed: Any plant growing in cultivated ground to the injury of the crop or desired vegetation, or to the disfigurement of the place; an unsightly, useless, or injurious plant.
Annual: Plants in which the entire life cycle is completed within one growing season.
Wetland Plant: Plants growing in aquatic or wetland habitats. These include all known floating, submerged, and emergent taxa, plus those that are found in permanently or seasonally wet habitats.
Herbaceous Stem: Not woody, lacking lignified tissues.

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