Asthma plant

Chamaesyce hirta

Decumbent to almost erect annual to 40 cm high, few-stemmed with sparse to dense, short curled appressed hairs and long, spreading yellowish hairs.

Leaves rhombic to ovate or sometimes lanceolate, to 40 mm long and to 20 mm wide, margins toothed, apex obtuse to acute, hairy with short appressed hairs, becoming glabrous above; petiole 1–2 mm long; stipules linear.

Cyathia in dense head-like axillary cymes in upper axils; involucre c. 0.7 mm long, glands ovate, reddish with small pink or white appendages or sometimes appendages absent.

Capsule 1–1.2 mm long, 1.5 mm diam., with sparse to dense appressed, shortly curled hairs; seeds ovoid-oblong, c. 1 mm long, red-brown, 4-angled.

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