Black henbane

Hyoscyamus niger

General: coarse, leafy, branched, strong-scented biennial or annual up to 100 cm tall, conspicuously sticky-long-hairy,  especially the stem.
Leaves: alternate, numerous, often on 1 side of the branches, ovate to broadly lanceolate, stalkless, 5-20 cm 
long, 2-14 cm wide, rather shallowly pinnately lobed, with  up to about 10 unequal, triangular, pointed segments.
Flowers: numerous in 1-sided rows on long, downward- curved branches. Mature calyx about 2.5 cm long, urn-shaped, dry, net-veined, with 5 short, triangular lobes. Corolla funnel-shaped, 2.5-4.5 cm long and nearly or quite  as wide at the top, prominently purple-veined on a pale,  often greenish-yellow background, more distinctly purple in the throat, the 5 rounded lobes slightly unequal.
Flowering time: May-August.
Fruits: capsules, more or less 2-celled, 1-1.5 cm long,  with strongly thickened lid, opening well above the middle, completely enclosed by the calyx. Seeds numerous, flattened, roughened.

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