Clash Selective Herbicide

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This product can be applied to actively growing weeds as aerial, broadcast, band, or spot spray applications using water or sprayable fertilizer as a carrier. For product application rates for control or suppression by weed type and growth stage, see Table 2, PRODUCT APPLICATION RATES FOR CONTROL OR SUPPRESSION BY WEED TYPE AND GROWTH STAGE. For crop-specific application timing and other details, refer to the CROP-SPECIFIC INFORMATION section. To avoid uneven spray coverage, this product should not be applied during periods of gusty wind or when wind is in excess of 15 mph. Avoid off-target movement. Use extreme care when applying this product to prevent injury to desirable plants and shrubs.
Cultivation: Do not cultivate within 7 days after applying this product.

Sensitive Crop Precautions: This product may cause injury to desirable trees and plants, particularly beans, cotton, flowers, fruit trees, grapes, ornamentals, peas, potatoes, soybeans, sunflowers, tobacco, tomatoes, and other broadleaf plants when contacting their roots, stems, or foliage. These plants are most sensitive to this product during their development or growing stage.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Asparagus16 fl oz
Spring barley8 - 12 fl oz
Winter barley8 - 12 fl oz
Corn16 - 24 fl oz
Cotton8 fl oz
Grassland32 fl oz
Millet4 fl oz
Pasture32 fl oz
Spring oats4 fl oz7
Winter oats4 fl oz7
Sorghum8 - 16 fl oz30
Soybeans32 fl oz14
Sugarcane32 fl oz87
Winter triticale4 fl oz
Spring triticale4 fl oz
Winter wheat8 - 16 fl oz
Spring wheat8 - 16 fl oz