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Product Information
GrazonNext HL specialty herbicide controls broadleaf weeds and certain woody plants on rangeland, permanent grass pastures (including grasses grown for hay*), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres and wildlife management areas in these sites. *Hay from grass treated with GrazonNext HL within the preceding 18-months can only be used on the farm or ranch where the product is applied unless allowed by supplemental labeling.

It is permissible to treat non-irrigation ditch banks, seasonally dry wetlands (such as flood plains, deltas, marshes, swamps, or bogs) and transitional areas between upland and lowland sites only when dry. GrazonNext HL can be used to the waters edge. Do not apply directly to water and take precautions to minimize overspray to open water when treating target vegetation in and around non-flowing, quiescent or transient water. When making applications to control unwanted plants on banks or shorelines of flowing water, minimize overspray to open water.
Note: Consult local public water control authorities before applying this product in and around public water. Permits may be required to treat such areas.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Pasture0 - 01.2 - 2.1-