Hardy ryegrass

Lolium remotum

Annual weed. Plant 20-70 cm in height, yellowish-green.

The leaf blades are dark green, hairless, flat, the upper surface evenly ribbed, the lower surface smooth and shiny, 5 -25 cm (1.97 - 9.84 inch) long, 3 - 8 mm (0.118 - 0.314 inch) wide, the youngest leaves are rolled in bud.

Stems: Stalks upright, bare, smooth or weakly rough below ears. Leaf plates flat, smooth, with short ligules. Inflorescence spiciform, straight, to 15 cm in length, with smooth awn. Spikelets are spread, sessile, 8-14 mm in length, with 3 to 7 flowers. Spicate scales shorter than spikelets. Lower spicate scales are blunt, without awn or with short awn. One plant gives to 500 caryopses keeping germinating capacity for 3-5 years. Seeds germinate rapidly at low temperatures, having almost total-lot germination. Shoots appear at the end of May or in the beginning of June.

Leaves: Auricles are small and narrow, the ligule translucent, 1-2 mm (0.039 - 0.078 inch), shorter than wide, truncate. Leaf sheath is hairless, with fine longitudinal ribs as in leaf blades and reddish-purple at base.

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