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Crop Care Australasia - Herbicide

Atradex is a pre and post emergent herbicide that controls weeds from seed and weed seedlings. However, established perennial species, large annuals, and large broadleaf weeds are not satisfactorily controlled at the rates recommended. It acts mainly through root absorption, its effectiveness depends on the occurrence of control rainfall or irrigation to move it down into the weed zone. Duration and effectiveness of control depends on the amount of chemical applied, soil type, rainfall and particular weed species.
The maximum rate of atrazine application in all crops except plantation forestry is limited to an amount of product equivalent to 3kg a.i. atrazine/ha per year. DO NOT exceed this limit, especially when applying an atrazine herbicide post-emergence, where an atrazine herbicide has been applied pre-emergence.
The maximum rate of application in plantation forestry is an amount of product equivalent to 4.5kg a.i. atrazine per year in sandy soils and those defined as highly erodible, and product equivalent to 8kg a.i. atrazine/ha per year in clay loam and heavier textured soils.

DO NOT mix, load or apply within 20m of any well, sink hole or intermittent or perennial stream or river.This product readily mixes with water. Add required quantity to the spray vat with the tank filter mesh removed and the vat 50 to 75% full with water. The agitation system should be running during addition of the product and during the spraying operation. If left to settle, stir and re-suspend any settled material before starting pump and spraying product. Avoid drawing accumulated particles into outlet pipe. DO NOT pre-mix in a bucket as a paste. Wetting Agent: Add Agral at 125mL/100Lor BS1000 at 75mL/100L of spray mixture when applying to emerged weeds as a foliar spray.
Incorporation (Pre-plant and at sowing application).
This product acts mainly by root absorption. Its effectiveness depends on the occurrence of rainfall or irrigation to move it down into the weed root zone. Sufficient rain or irrigation to thoroughly wet the soil through the weed root zone should occur or be made immediately after application to provide appropriate weed control. Delay in activation of the product may result in some weed growth. In flood or furrow irrigation situations complete and continued activation of the product may not occur due to a thin band of dry soil on the surface during or after irrigation. Mechanical incorporation after application, using light harrows to incorporate the product into the soil not more than 4cm deep is required to ensure the irrigation water activates the product. Always apply the product to an even unridged seedbed.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Alfalfa, Lucerne0 - 0600 - 600-
Canola0 - 00.56 - 2.2-
Corn, maize0 - 00.35 - 3.3-
Fallow0 - 00.65 - 3.3-
Grassland0 - 02.5 - 3.3-
Lupins0 - 0280 - 560-
Millet0 - 01.3 - 3.3-
Sorghum0 - 00.35 - 3.3-
Sorghum0 - 01.3 - 3.3-
Sugarcane0 - 02.2 - 3.3-
Sweet corn0 - 02.5 - 3.3-