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Sipcam - Herbicide

A pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide for the control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in a range of crops and Pinus radiata plantations and for use in triazine tolerant canola.

This product can be used both pre and post emergent to selectively control weeds in the crops listed in the directions for use table and in Pinus radiata plantations. It can also be used to control weeds in Triazine Tolerant Canola varieties. Established perennial species, large annual and large broadleaf weeds will not be controlled at the rates recommended. Duration and effectiveness of control depends on the amount of chemical applied, soil type, rainfall, weed species and other conditions. Sufficient moisture (either rainfall or irrigation) is required to move the product into the root zone of weeds to make the product effective. This should occur within 10 days of application to ensure product effectiveness. The maximum rate of application in all crops except forestry will be 3.0kg ai per hectare per year (ie 3.3kg product per hectare per year). The maximum rate in plantation forestry will be 4.5kg ai/ha per year (5kg product per hectare per year) in sandy soils and those defined as highly erodible, and 8kg ai/ha per year (8.9kg product per hectare per year) in clay loams and heavier textured soils.

DO NOT mix, load or apply this product within 20m of any well, sink hole, intermittent or perennial stream. Partially fill the spray tank with water and maintain agitation while adding the required quantity of Sipcam Pacific Maizina 900 WDG. Agitation should continue after filling and during spraying. If spray is allowed to stand, agitate thoroughly before resuming spraying.

This product is compatible with 2,4-D Amine, diuron, paraquat, and paraquat/diquat. It is advisable that a small scale compatibility test be carried out prior to tank mixing with other products. In sugar cane only, the addition of Sodium 2,4-D will assist in short term suppression of Nutgrass and other sedges.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Alfalfa, Lucerne0 - 0600 - 600-
Canola0 - 00.56 - 2.2-
Corn, maize0 - 00.35 - 3.3-
Lupins0 - 0280 - 560-
Millet0 - 01.4 - 3.3-
Sorghum0 - 00.35 - 3.3-
Sugarcane0 - 02.2 - 3.3-
Sweet corn0 - 02.4 - 3.3-