Sparganothis fruitworm moth

Sparganothis sulfureana

Eggs are laid in masses that measure about 6.0 x 2.5 mm and contain 30-50 eggs. These egg masses are greenish yellow and are well camouflaged on the upper side of the green cranberry leaves. The hatchling larvae are caterpillar-like, 1-2 mm long, light green, with a black head and prothoracic shield. The mature larvae grow to 10-12 mm. They have a yellow head and prothoracic shield. The body color is pale olive green-brown with small but noticeable lighter dots. The very few scattered hairs are fine in texture. The pupae are 8.0 mm long, initially light brown but darkening towards adult emergence. The adults are brownish yellow with a wingspan of 20 mm, and a V-shaped pattern on the forewings. At rest, the wing markings create an X-shaped pattern.

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