Flixweed (Tansy mustard)

Descurainia sophia

Annual, over-wintering, seed-propagated weed with ramified taproot. The plant is slighly poisonous.

Characteristic Features
Much divided leaves, densely pubescent stems, and ascending long fruits.

Young Plant
Elongate, leaf tip obtuse, 3 - 6 mm (0.12 - 0.23 inch) long, short-petiolate, lower part covered with rare, thin hairs.

Erect, often branched above, stretched-ramified.
Plants are 20 -50 cm (7.87 - 19.68 inch) tall.

Alternate, sessile, basal with auricles, bi- tripinnatisect, with lineal- lanceolate lacinules, fine gray or whitish pubescent, linear or broadly ovate.