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Callisto is a systemic preemergence and postemergence herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of broadleaf weeds in field corn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, sweet corn, and other listed crops. When used preemergence, weeds take up the product through the soil during emergence. Dry conditions following application may reduce the preemergence activity of Callisto. If an activating rain (0.25 inches) is not received within 7-10 days after a preemergence application, where appropriate, rotary hoeing is suggested to activate the herbicide. When used postemergence, susceptible weeds take up the herbicide through the treated foliage and cease growth soon after application. Complete death of the weeds may take up to 2 weeks. The product is absorbed through the soil and/or by the foliage of emerged weeds.
Callisto is not effective for the control of most grass weeds. Preemergence grass herbicides or postemergence grass herbicides can be tank mixed with Callisto to provide broad spectrum weed control in corn (see appropriate section of label for this information). Callisto can be applied postemergence following a preemergence grass herbicide application. Callisto can also be used in combination with a burndown herbicide, prior to planting, to provide added burndown and residual weed control in field corn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, and sweet corn.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Corn6 - 7.7 fl oz
Asparagus3 - 7.7 fl oz
Blueberries3 - 6 fl oz
Black currant3 - 6 fl oz
Red currant3 - 6 fl oz
Lingonberries3 - 6 fl oz
Raspberries3 - 6 fl oz
Blackberries3 - 6 fl oz
Cranberries8 fl oz
Winter flax6 fl oz
Spring flax6 fl oz
Spring oats3 - 6 fl oz
Winter oats3 - 6 fl oz
Okra3 - 6 fl oz
Millet6 fl oz
Rhubarbs6 fl oz
Sorghum6 - 6.4 fl oz
Sugarcane36 - 7.7 fl oz114