Pale smartweed

Polygonum lapathifolium

Annual, many-formed, seed-propagated weed with spindle-shaped root.

Hollow stem swollen above the nodes, sunken glands on the lower surface of the leaves, nodding spikes, and flattened seeds.

Cotyledons: Slender, length three times the width, with usually reddish hypocotyls.

Stems: Erect or ascending, usually ramified, hairless, red spotted, up to 100 cm (39.37 inch) high.

Leaves: Elliptical-lanceolate, widest in the lowest third, markedly petiolate, upper surface often reddish-splotched, underside heavily glandularly dotted.
Membranous tube on the leaves' bases, loosely adjacent to the stalk.
At the margin only short ciliate (magnifying glass!).
First true leaf long, narrow and hairy, with a silvery appearance.

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