Purple calandrinia

Calandrinia ciliata

A prostrate annual with 5 petalled, purple flowers from September to November, succulent, leaves and branching stems that reach 25 cm or more in length.


The flowers are solitary and axillary, 15 mm in diameter and borne on 4 angled, short, 6-15 mm, erect, stalks that are shorter than the bracts.
Bracts - Leaf like. Opposite at anthesis becoming alternate when in fruit.
Ovary - Superior, free.
Styles - 3, united for half their length.
Stigmas - 3, the same length as the style.
Sepals - 5-7 mm long when in flower and 10 mm long when in fruit. Acute tip. Keeled with fine hairs on the keel.
Petals - 5. Dark purple, egg shaped, 7-12 mm long by 3-5 mm wide.
Stamens - 10-13.

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