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Read all label directions before using.
Fusilade DX Herbicide is a selective postemergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds in numerous crops and on fallow land, and on listed noncrop areas and nonbearing crops. Fusilade DX Herbicide will provide effective control of grass weeds in conventional tillage, minimum tillage, and no-till plantings. Fusilade DX Herbicide does not control broadleaf weeds or sedges (nutgrass).
Fusilade DX Herbicide is a systemic herbicide which moves from the treated foliage into the shoots, roots, rhizomes, stolons, and growing points (meristematic regions) of treated grass weeds.
Thorough coverage of all weed plant foliage is important for good activity. Optimum weed control is achieved when young actively growing weeds are treated that are not under stress from moisture, temperature, low soil fertility, mechanical, or chemical injury.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apricots0 fl oz14
Cherries0 fl oz14
Nectarines0 fl oz14
Peaches0 fl oz14
Plums0 fl oz14
Asparagus12 - 24 fl oz1
Bananas24 fl oz
Carrots0 fl oz45
Onions0 fl oz45
Garlic0 fl oz45
Calamondin24 fl oz14
Citron24 fl oz14
Citrus24 fl oz14
Grapefruits24 fl oz14
Kumquats24 fl oz14
Lemons24 fl oz14
Limes24 fl oz14
Mandarins24 fl oz14
Oranges24 fl oz14
Pomelo24 fl oz14
Satsumas24 fl oz14
Coffee0 fl oz1
Cotton0 fl oz90
Beans24 fl oz60
Grapes24 fl oz50
Macadamia nuts0 fl oz1
Peanuts24 fl oz40
Pecans0 fl oz30
Rhubarbs0 fl oz14
Soybeans0 fl oz60
Sugar beets24 fl oz90
Sweet potatoes12 fl oz14
True yam12 fl oz14
Peppers0 fl oz45