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EPA # 0000264-01050-AA-0000000

 It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Read the entire label before using this product.

Is a suspension concentrate formulation and is active primarily by ingestion against immature target pest life stages. In addition, fertility of adult female target pests, such as aphids and whiteflies, may be reduced.
Can be applied by air, ground equipment or through chemigation as a preventative treatment or timed to coincide with an early threshold level in developing insect populations.
Must be tank-mixed with a spray adjuvant / additive having spreading and penetrating properties to maximize leaf uptake and systemicity of the active ingredient within treated plants; please contact your local Bayer CropScience representative or PCA for specific recommendations by crop.
It is widely known that tank mixtures and/or sequential treatments of horticultural spray oil with Captan and/or sulfur may cause adverse plant compatibility in tree and vine crops; including MOVENTO in this tankmix and/or sequential treatment scenario is not recommended.
Following application to plant foliage, MOVENTO is fully systemic, moving through phloem and xylem to new shoot, leaf and root tissues; systemicity and efficacy may be hindered during periods of cold temperatures, under drought conditions, or when plants are not actively growing.

Foliar spray applications must be made using properly calibrated ground sprayers, fixed- or rotary-winged aircraft or through properly designed, sprinkler-type, chemigation equipment (See Chemigation Application section). Sufficient spray volume, based on the size and density of the treated crop, must be utilized that allows for good coverage of both young and old foliage without runoff or collection of spray solution on leaf margins, fruit, or other plant tissues. For optimum control of target pests on tree and vine crops, treating both sides of the plant during the same application period is recommended; for practices such as alternate row middles or tops and bottoms, both sides of the trees or vines must be treated within a 72-hour period. Good coverage will help ensure maximum uptake by leaf surfaces and optimum systemicity within the plant.
Ground applications must be made in a minimum of 50 gallons per acre on tree and vine crops; 15 gallons of water per acre on potato and vegetable crops.
Aerial applications must be made in a minimum of 10 gallons of water per acre in tree and vine crops, and 5 gallons of water per acre in vegetable, and potato crops. The higher dosage of MOVENTO within the crop/ pest-specific section may be necessary for optimum control for aerial applications.

Use in enclosed structures, such as greenhouses or planthouses, is not permitted.
For annual crops where multiple plantings can occur within a 12-month period, do not apply more than 30 fluid ounces (0.47 lb ai) of MOVENTO per given acre of land within a 12-month period unless specified otherwise within a crop-specific section for a given crop.
Sufficient leaf tissue must be present for uptake and translocation of this product; due to this requirement, do not
apply prior to petal-fall on pome fruits, stone fruits, and tree nut crops.
The use of Induce® adjuvant in combination with MOVENTO on grape, pome fruits, and stone fruits is prohibited when fruit is present due to adverse plant compatibility on harvested commodities. The tank-mixture of MOVENTO with an adjuvant / additive having sticking properties or crop protection product formulations containing built-in stickers have been shown to interfere with leaf uptake and should be avoided.
Do not apply when winds are greater than 15 mph and avoid gusty and windless conditions.
Refer to the specific use directions and restrictions in each Crop, Crop Group or Crop Subgroup table.

Types of irrigation systems
Apply this product only through:
Sprinkler type irrigation systems only.
These types include: center pivot, lateral move, side roll, or overhead solid set irrigation systems.
Do not apply MOVENTO through any other type of irrigation system.
Do not apply when wind speed favors drift beyond the area intended for treatment.

Do not apply when wind speed favors drift beyond the area intended for treatment. The interaction of many equipment and weather related factors determine the potential for spray drift. The applicator is responsible for considering all of these factors when making application decisions. Avoiding spray drift is the responsibility of the applicator.

MOVENTO is physically and biologically compatible with many registered pesticides and fertilizers or micronutrients. However, it is known that many components, including crop protection products, fertilizers, micronutrients, and spray adjuvants, may be present in a tank mix combination. There is potential for adverse chemical reactions. It is impossible to determine physical, biological, and plant compatibility for all scenarios that may be encountered; therefore, it is recommended that users determine the chemical, physical, biological and plant compatibility of such mixes prior to making applications on a broad commercial scale. Observe the most restrictive of the labeling instructions and precautions of all products used in mixtures.

Apply specified dosage of MOVENTO early in the infestation as the population begins to develop or at early threshold for the target insect pest. Apply higher dosages specified within the crop specific sections when applied as a preventive application, for moderate to heavy insect pressure, or where longer residual control is desired. Degree of efficacy against labeled pests will be determined, in part, by the stage of pest development at application and infestation level of those pests.
Apply in adequate water for uniform coverage. For tree and vine crops, apply in a minimum of 50 GPA for conventional ground airblast sprayer, 30 GPA for high air velocity, low volume or air curtain sprayers, 10 GPA for aerial application; rates for tree and vine crops are based on full-size mature trees and vines. For vegetable and potato crops, apply in a minimum of 15 GPA by ground and 5 GPA by aerial application. MOVENTO may also be applied through overhead irrigation systems as designated in the CHEMIGATION section of this label under Chemigation Application Instructions.
MOVENTO must be tank-mixed with a spray adjuvant / additive having spreading and penetrating properties to maximize leaf uptake and systemicity of the active ingredient within treated plants; please contact your local Bayer CropScience representative or PCA for specific recommendations by crop.

Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal.
Pesticide storage
MOVENTO is packaged in poly-ethylene containers. Do not allow product or containers to freeze. Store in a cool, dry place and in such a manner as to prevent cross contamination with other pesticides, fertilizers, food, and feed. Store in original container and out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked storage area.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Bananas10 - 16 fl oz1
Plantain10 - 16 fl oz1
Broccoli4 - 5 fl oz1
Rapini4 - 5 fl oz1
Brussels sprouts4 - 5 fl oz1
Cabbage4 - 5 fl oz1
Cauliflower4 - 5 fl oz1
Chinese broccoli4 - 5 fl oz1
Bok choy4 - 5 fl oz1
Chinese cabbage4 - 5 fl oz1
Gai Choy4 - 5 fl oz1
Collard greens4 - 5 fl oz1
Kale4 - 5 fl oz1
Kohlrabi4 - 5 fl oz1
Mizuna4 - 5 fl oz1
Mustard greens4 - 5 fl oz1
Mustard spinach4 - 5 fl oz1
Rape greens4 - 5 fl oz1
Garlic5 fl oz3
Onions5 fl oz3
Shallots5 fl oz3
Chives5 fl oz3
Leeks5 fl oz3
Calamondin8 - 10 fl oz1
Citron8 - 10 fl oz1
Grapefruits8 - 10 fl oz1
Kumquats8 - 10 fl oz1
Lemons8 - 10 fl oz1
Limes8 - 10 fl oz1
Mandarins8 - 10 fl oz1
Oranges8 - 10 fl oz1
Pomelo8 - 10 fl oz1
Satsumas8 - 10 fl oz1
Tangelo8 - 10 fl oz1
Tangerines8 - 10 fl oz1
Tangor8 - 10 fl oz1
Coffee8 - 10 fl oz14
Cocona4 - 5 fl oz1
Eggplant4 - 5 fl oz1
Goji4 - 5 fl oz1
Huckleberries4 - 5 fl oz1
Ground cherries4 - 5 fl oz1
Martynia4 - 5 fl oz1
Naranjilla4 - 5 fl oz1
Okra4 - 5 fl oz1
Pea eggplant4 - 5 fl oz1
Pepinos4 - 5 fl oz1
Sweet peppers4 - 5 fl oz1
Peppers4 - 5 fl oz1
Roselle4 - 5 fl oz1
Scarlet eggplant4 - 5 fl oz1
Tomatillos4 - 5 fl oz1
Tomatoes4 - 5 fl oz1
Artichokes5 - 8 fl oz3
Hops5 - 6 fl oz7
Amaranth4 - 5 fl oz3
Arugula4 - 5 fl oz3
Cardoon4 - 5 fl oz3
Celery4 - 5 fl oz3
Celtuce4 - 5 fl oz3
Chervil4 - 5 fl oz3
Corn salad4 - 5 fl oz3
Cress4 - 5 fl oz3
Sorrels4 - 5 fl oz3
Endive4 - 5 fl oz3
Finocchio, florence fennel4 - 5 fl oz3
Lettuce4 - 5 fl oz3
Orach, atriplex4 - 5 fl oz3
Parsley4 - 5 fl oz3
Purslanes4 - 5 fl oz3
Radicchio4 - 5 fl oz3
Rhubarbs4 - 5 fl oz3
Spinach4 - 5 fl oz3
Beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Peas4 - 5 fl oz7
Lupines4 - 5 fl oz7
Kidney beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Dry lima beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Navy beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Pinto beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Runner beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Snap beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Tepary beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Wax beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Adzuki beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Asparagus4 - 5 fl oz7
Blackeyed peas4 - 5 fl oz7
Catjang peas4 - 5 fl oz7
Chinese long beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Cowpea4 - 5 fl oz7
Crowder peas4 - 5 fl oz7
Moth beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Mung beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Rice beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Southern peas4 - 5 fl oz7
Dry broad beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Chickpeas4 - 5 fl oz7
Guars4 - 5 fl oz7
Lablab beans4 - 5 fl oz7
Lentils4 - 5 fl oz7
Pigeon peas4 - 5 fl oz7
Soybeans4 - 5 fl oz7
Pineapples10 fl oz1
Apples6 - 9 fl oz7
Azarole6 - 9 fl oz7
Crabapples6 - 9 fl oz7
Quince6 - 9 fl oz7
Loquat6 - 9 fl oz7
Hawthorn6 - 9 fl oz7
Medlar6 - 9 fl oz7
Pears6 - 9 fl oz7
Tejocote6 - 9 fl oz7
Pomegranate8 - 10 fl oz1
Arracacha4 - 5 fl oz7
Arrowroots4 - 5 fl oz7
Artichokes4 - 5 fl oz7
Chinese artichoke4 - 5 fl oz7
Cassava4 - 5 fl oz7
Chayote4 - 5 fl oz7
Chufas4 - 5 fl oz7
Taro, dasheen4 - 5 fl oz7
Ginger4 - 5 fl oz7
Leren4 - 5 fl oz7
Potatoes4 - 5 fl oz7
Sweet potatoes4 - 5 fl oz7
Turmeric4 - 5 fl oz7
True yam4 - 5 fl oz7
Bean yam4 - 5 fl oz7
Gooseberries6 - 8 fl oz7
Grapes6 - 8 fl oz7
Kiwifruit6 - 8 fl oz7
Maypop6 - 8 fl oz7
Schisandra6 - 8 fl oz7
Apricots6 - 9 fl oz7
Cherries6 - 9 fl oz7
Nectarines6 - 9 fl oz7
Peaches6 - 9 fl oz7
Plums6 - 9 fl oz7
Plumcot6 - 9 fl oz7
Almonds6 - 9 fl oz7
Beechnuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Brazil nuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Butternuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Cashews6 - 9 fl oz7
Chestnuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Chinquapins6 - 9 fl oz7
Hazelnuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Hickory nuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Macadamia nuts6 - 9 fl oz7
Pecans6 - 9 fl oz7
Pistachios6 - 9 fl oz7
Walnut6 - 9 fl oz7
Acerola8 - 10 fl oz1
Avocados8 - 10 fl oz1
Black sapotes8 - 10 fl oz1
Canistel8 - 10 fl oz1
Feijoa8 - 10 fl oz1
Jaboticaba8 - 10 fl oz1
Guavas8 - 10 fl oz1
Longan8 - 10 fl oz1
Lychee8 - 10 fl oz1
Mamey sapotes8 - 10 fl oz1
Mangoes8 - 10 fl oz1
Papayas8 - 10 fl oz1
Passionfruit8 - 10 fl oz1
Persimmons8 - 10 fl oz1
Pulasan8 - 10 fl oz1
Rambutan8 - 10 fl oz1
Sapodilla8 - 10 fl oz1
Star apple8 - 10 fl oz1
Wax jambu8 - 10 fl oz1