Pacific spider mite

Tetranychus pacificus

The Pacific spider mite is the primary pest mite species in the San Joaquin Valley and may also be the primary pest mite in certain coastal grape-growing areas. Adult Pacific spider mite females vary from slightly amber to greenish in color. Later in the season as they go into diapause or under high population densities adult females can turn orange to reddish. Upon emergence adult Pacific spider mites are almost void of food spots. As feeding begins usually two large diffuse spots appear forward and two smaller spots appear on the rear portion of the abdomen. Pacific spider mite prefers the warmer upper canopy of the vine. Although it can cause damage early in the season, Pacific spider mite generally prefers the hotter, dryer part of the season. The Pacific mite is larger in size than the Willamette mite. Pacific spider mite forelegs are reddish in color and those of Willamette spider mite are translucent to pale yellow.

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