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DuPont RESOLVE SG herbicide must be used only in accordance with instructions on this label or in supplemental DuPont publications. DuPont will not be responsible for losses or damage resulting from use of this product in any manner not specifically specified by DuPont. RESOLVE SG herbicide is a water soluble granule containing 25% active ingredient by weight. RESOLVE SG is a selective herbicide for burndown and residual control of certain annual grass and broadleaf weeds when applied fallow or preemergence to field corn. RESOLVE SG may be applied in tank mix combinations with other corn herbicides for improved burndown and residual control.
RESOLVE SG is absorbed through the roots and leaf tissue of plants, rapidly inhibiting the growth of susceptible weeds. Rainfall or sprinkler irrigation is needed to move
RESOLVE SG into the soil. Susceptible weeds will generally not emerge from a preemergence application. In some cases, susceptible weeds may germinate and emerge a few days after application, but growth then ceases and leaves become chlorotic three to five days after emergence.
Death of leaf tissue and growing point will follow in some species, while others will remain green, stunted and noncompetitive.The herbicidal action of RESOLVE SG may be less effective on weeds stressed from adverse environmental conditions (such as extreme temperatures or moisture), abnormal soil conditions, or cultural practices.
RESOLVE SG treatments are most effective in controlling weeds when adequate rainfall is received 5 -7 days after application. If cultivation is necessary because of soil crusting, soil compaction or weed germination before rain occurs, use shallow tillage such as rotary hoe to lightly incorporate RESOLVE SG and make certain corn seeds are below the tilled area.
RESOLVE SG is best used in a planned sequential application herbicide program, to be followed by an in-crop application of RESOLVE Q, DuPont STEADFAST Q, and/or other post applied corn herbicides. Refer to the label of the respective sequential partner for specific use directions. Apply RESOLVE SG to field corn hybrids with a relative maturity (RM) of 77 days or more, including “food grade” (yellow dent, hard endosperm), waxy and High-Oil corn.
Not all field corn hybrids of less than 77 days RM, not all white corn hybrids nor Hi-Lysine hybrids have been tested for crop safety, nor does DuPont have access to all seed company data. Consequently, injury arising from the use of RESOLVE SG on these types of corn is the responsibility of the user. Consult with your seed supplier before applying RESOLVE SG to any of these corn types. Seed company publications indicate “Warning”, “Crop Response Warning”, or “Sensitive” notations for the use of some ALS herbicides on corn hybrids of 77 CRM or higher. As noted in the seed company publications, DuPont sulfonylurea herbicides such as RESOLVE SG should be used with caution on these hybrids. Consult with your local DuPont representative or the DuPont Label Web Site ( for any additional supplemental labeling information relative to potential corn hybrid sensitivity to RESOLVE SG.

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