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BAYER - Herbicide

RIMFIRE Herbicide is intended for application as a foliar spray in winter and spring wheat (including durum) for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.

RIMFIRE Herbicide is absorbed by foliage and roots of weeds and offers contact and residual weed control. RIMFIRE Herbicide provides the most consistent control when applied to actively growing weeds. RIMFIRE Herbicide is active against many important grass and broadleaf weeds (see list below for details). Environmental conditions which support vigorous growth of crop and weeds also result in highest herbicidal activity. Following application, symptoms of herbicidal activity may develop within several days. Speedof action depends on environmental conditions and increases with increasing temperature and moisture. Sensitive weeds quickly stop growing and no longer compete with the crop. Visible signs of activity include cessation of elongation, yellowing and/or reddening of weeds; and finally plant death.
Abnormal environmental conditions (excess soil moisture or drought, extreme cold weather) can influence crop tolerance and herbicidal activity, and may cause temporary response of the crop or reduced levels of weed control. This may result in weed stunting, rather than weed death. However, weed competition will be greatly reduced, and should permit normal crop development. Crop response may occur when frost occurs shortly after application to actively growing wheat.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Spring wheat0 - 01.75 - 2.2571
Winter wheat0 - 01.75 - 2.2571