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SC 450 Herbicide is a selective herbicide for control of important broad leaf and grassy weeds infesting field corn, sweet corn and popcorn. SCI: 450 Herbicide can be used in corn grown for silage, grain or seed. SC 450 Herbicide can be applied for post harvest, preplant (surface-applied or incorporated), preemergence, or postemergence uses. SC 450 He~bicide is effective in controlling triazine resistant populations of weed species which are listed in the "BROADLEAF AND GRASS WEEDS CONTROLLED BY SC 450 HERBICIDE" tables in this label. Corn hybrids and certain male pollenators within blended corn varieties vary in their response to SC 450 Herbicide. Not all hybrids or male pollenators within blended corn varieties have been tested for sensitivity to SC 450 Herbicide. You should consult with your seed provider, your local Bayer CropScience representative and/or other knowledgeable agricultural professionals for advice on tolerance of hybrids or varieties containing male pollinator lines .before applying SC 450 Herbicide. If the tolerance of a hybrid or variety containing male pollindtor lines is not known, you should apply SC 450 Herbicide to a small area to first determine if the hybrid is tolerant prior to spraying large acreages ofthat hybrid. SC 450 Herbicide also contains a safener, which greatly reduces or prevents the temporary yellowing or stunting crop response associated with this herbicide chemistry. 

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