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SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide is a suspension concentrate used at the rate of 1.5 ounces per acre for selective postemergence grass and broadleaf weed control in field corn. SOLIDA GRANDE should be shaken well before use. Do not apply to field corn grown for seed, to popcorn or to sweet corn. Do not make more than one application of SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide per cropping season. Do not apply aerially iii California or New York State.

Apply SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide to corn that is up to 20 inches tall and exhibiting up to and including 6 leaf-collars. Do not apply to corn taller than 20 inches or exhibiting more than 6 leaf collars, whichever is more restrictive. Some State and corn hybrid restrictions apply (see below). Not all SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide tank mixtures may be applied to corn that is beyond 12" tall. Consult TANK MIX APPLICATIONS for more information. While SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide has a wide application window, research has shown best results are obtained when applications are made early postemergence when corn and weeds are small. Target applications to corn that is less than 12" tall for best overall performance. . Apply SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide to field corn hybrids with a relative maturity (RM) rating of 77 days or more, including "food grade" (yellow dent, hard endosperm), waxy and oil corn. Not all field corn hybrids of less than 77 days RM, not all white corn hybrids nor Hi-Lysine hybrids have been tested for crop safety, nor does Cheminova have access to all seed company data. Consequently, injury arising from the use of SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide on these types of corn is the responsibility of the user. Consult with your seed supplier before applying SOLIDAGRANDE Herbicide to any of these corn types. Applications of SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide to corn hybrids of 77-88 CRM should be limited to corn that is 12" tall, less than or equal to 5-leaf collars, whichever is most restrictive. In addition, the application of tank mixtures with dicambacontaining herbicides (such as "Clarity" or "Distinct") to 77-88 CRM corn should contain no more than 2 ounces a.L dicamba (e.g. 4 ounces "Clarity"). Seed company publications indicate "Warning", "Crop Response Warning", or "Sensitive" notations for the use of some ALS herbicides on corn hybrids of 77 CRM or higher. As noted in the seed company publications, Cheminova sulfonylurea herbicides such as SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide should be used with caution on these hybrids. Limit SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide applications to corn that is up to12" tall, up to and including 5 leaf collars, whichever is most restrictive, in the states of KS, OK, and TX.

Apply SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide when grasses are young and actively growing, but before they exceed the sizes listed on this label.
• Applications made to weeds at growth stages greater than those listed below may result in incomplete control. . Grass competition due to incomplete control may reduce yields.
• Adequate soil moisture is required for optimum activity. Rainfall within 5 to 7 days after application will enhance SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide residual activity. If an activating rainfall or sprinkler irrigation (>0.5 inch) is not received within 5-7 days after application, follow with a cultivation or with a sequential application of NIC-IT if needed. See

Apply SOLIDA GRANDE Herbicide at a rate of 1.5 ounce per acre for season-long control of grass and broadleaf weeds listed below.


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