Ipomoea plebeia

The slender stems are covered in close-lying (i.e. appressed) or spreading hairs. The simple leaves are alternately arranged along the stems and borne on stalks (i.e. petioles) 1-6 cm long. These leaves (25-80 mm long and 12-60 mm wide) are egg-shaped in outline (i.e. ovate) or almost triangular in shape and usually with a pronounced notched (i.e. cordate) base. They have entire margind and pointed tips (i.e. acute apices), and both leaf surface have a covering of scattered hairs (i.e. they are pilose).
The flowers are arranged in the leaf forks (i.e. axils) in clusters of one to three, each borne on a stalk (i.e. pedicel) 5-15 mm long. They are are white, bell-shaped or trumpet-shaped (i.e. tubular), and 9-13 mm long.

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