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Grasp SC herbicide is a postemergence herbicide for selective control of susceptible grass, broadleaf, and annual sedge weeds in rice. Susceptible weeds emerged at the time of application or which germinate soon after application will be controlled. A spray volume of 10 gallons per acre (gpa) or more and uniform coverage are required for optimum performance. Grasp SC is rainfast within 1 hour after application and has soil residual herbicidal activity dependent on weed species, soil type, soil moisture (rainfall or irrigation after application) and the rate of application. Grasp SC can be applied to rice fields used for crayfish production. Rice crops grown under adverse environmental conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, may express temporary crop injury when Grasp SC is applied including slight height reduction or root stunting. Any crop stress or environmental factors which decrease plant metabolism and growth may reduce weed control efficacy and crop tolerance. Such effects are transient and do not affect yield. Grasp SC may be used on all rice varieties.


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