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Sonic herbicide is for preemergence control of broadleaf and grass weeds in soybeans only. The mode of action of Sonic involves uptake by weed roots and shoots. Preemergence and preplant incorporated applications of Sonic require rainfall or irrigation to activate the herbicide. The amount of rainfall or irrigation required for activation following application depends on existing soil moisture, organic matter content and soil texture. If adequate moisture (1/2” to 1”) is not received within 7 to 10 days after the treatment with Sonic, a shallow cultivation may be needed to obtain desired weed control. When sufficient moisture is received after dry conditions, Sonic will provide control of susceptible germinating weeds. Sonic exhibits excellent crop safety. Poor growing conditions, such as excessive moisture, cool temperatures, and soil compaction or the presence of various pathogens may impact seedling vigor. Under these conditions, the active ingredients in Sonic, like other soil-applied herbicides, can contribute to crop response. However, these early symptoms are short-lived. Observe all instructions, crop restrictions, mixing directions, application precautions, replanting directions, rotational crop guidelines and other label information of each product when tank mixing with Sonic.


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