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Sequence is a foliar systemic herbicide which may be applied to control a broad spectrum of emerged weeds. It will also give some residual control of many small seeded grass and broadleaf weeds, in:
- corn (preplant/preemergence to all corn, postemergence to glyphosate-tolerant corn, including Roundup Ready)
- cotton (preplant/preemergence to all cotton, postemergence to Roundup Ready Flex and Roundup Ready cotton)
- legume vegetables -- succulent or dried (preplant and preemergence)
- peanut (preplant and preemergence)
- sorghum (preplant and preemergence)
- soybean, (preplant/preemergence to all soybeans; postemergence to glyphosate resistant soybeans, including Roundup Ready)
- sugar beet, glyphosate-tolerant
- sunflower (preplant and preemergence)
- tomato – transplanted (preplant)
Sequence can also provide residual control of certain weeds. However, if rainfall or irrigation is not received within 7 days after application of Sequence, residual weed control may be reduced. Under these conditions, cultivate or use other weed control measures if weeds develop.
This product is especially useful in no-till, minimum-tillage, and reduced-tillage cropping systems.
Do not apply under conditions that favor runoff or wind erosion of soil containing this product to nontarget areas.

To prevent off-site movement due to runoff or wind erosion:
1. Avoid treating powdery dry or light sand soils when conditions are favorable for wind erosion. Under these conditions, ensure that the soil surface is first settled by rainfall or irrigation.
2. Do not apply to impervious substrates, such as paved or highly compacted surfaces.
3. Do not use tailwater from the first flood or furrow irrigation of treated fields to treat nontarget crops, unless at least 1/2 inch of rainfall has occurred between application and the first irrigation.
Where reference is made to weeds partially controlled, partial control can either mean erratic control from good to poor, or consistent control at a level below that generally considered acceptable for commercial weed control.
Thoroughly clean sprayer or other application device before using. Dispose of cleaning solution in a responsible manner. Do not use a sprayer or applicator contaminated with any other materials, or crop damage or clogging of the application device may result.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

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