Chlorpyrifos 500 EC

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Prior to Use: Before opening, carefully read the Directions for Use, Precautionary Statements, Safety Directions, and First Aid Instructions. Thorough coverage during application is essential for optimal results.

MIXING: Slowly add the required amount of this product to water in the spray tank under agitation. The special formulation ensures rapid mixing.

AERIAL APPLICATION: For aircraft application, use 10 – 15 L of water per hectare.


  • Use a sprayer designed for high water volumes, up to the point of run-off, matching the crop.
  • Set up and operate the sprayer for even coverage throughout the crop canopy.
  • Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of run-off.
  • Determine water volume based on tests, industry guidelines, or expert advice.
  • Add the specified product amount for each 100 L of water. Spray to the point of run-off.
  • Adjust dilute spray volume and sprayer settings as the crop grows.


  • Use a sprayer designed for concentrate spraying (lower water volumes).
  • Set up for even coverage throughout the crop canopy with your chosen water volume.
  • Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume for the crop canopy.
  • Calculate the concentrate mixing rate based on the concentration factor.
    • Example:
      • Dilute spray volume: 1500 L/ha
      • Concentrate spray volume: 500 L/ha
      • Concentration factor: 3X (1500 L ÷ 500 L = 3)
      • If the dilute label rate is 10 mL/100 L, the concentrate rate is 3 x 10, i.e., 30 mL/100 L of concentrate spray.
  • Adjust settings as the crop grows. Refer to industry guidelines, competency training, and Best Practices for concentrate spraying.


  • Bran Bait Preparation:
    • Mix 10 mL of this product per kg of bran with sufficient water for a moist crumb structure.
    • Allow to stand for 2-3 hours before application. Wear gloves during preparation and application.
  • Cracked Wheat or Cracked Sorghum Bait Preparation:
    • Mix the required product volume with sunflower oil.
    • Add to wheat or sorghum, mixing thoroughly. Wear gloves during preparation.


  • Spray drift may occur under adverse meteorological conditions or specific spray equipment.
  • Avoid drift onto sensitive areas, including natural streams, rivers, waterways, and human dwellings.
  • Implement a spray drift management strategy from guidelines such as the "Best Management Practices Manual for Cotton Growers" or the "Pilots and Operators Manual."
  • Minimize drift by not spraying within a certain distance of sensitive areas when the wind is blowing towards them, or use catch surfaces like shelter trees, unsprayed orchard rows, or hail netting.
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Apples0 l
Pears0 l
Citrus0.5 l
Grapes0 l
Grapes0 l
Mangoes0 l
Bananas0 l
Cabbages2 l
Cauliflower2 l
Carrots0.5 - 0.7 l
Cauliflower1.5 - 2 l
Brussels sprouts1.5 - 2 l
Broccoli1.5 - 2 l
Potatoes0 l
Tomatoes1 - 2 l