Sod webworm

Pediasia trisecta

Adult -- The moths, 13 to 19 mm long, have a wingspan of about 15 to 35 mm. They have a prominent forward projection (labial palps) on the head. The forewings are brown or dull ash gray, with a whitish streak from the base to the margin; the hind wings are brownish. When at rest, the moths fold their wings in a tent-like manner over their body.
Egg -- The tiny, oblong eggs are white to pale yellow. Each egg is about 0.5 mm long and 0.3 mm wide.
Larva -- Most larvae vary from pinkish-white to yellowish to light brown. They are 16 to 28 mm long when fully grown, with thick bodies, coarse hairs, and paired dorsal and lateral spots on each segment. The head is yellowish- brown, brown, or black. Individual grubs often assume a C-shaped position. Tropical sod webworms are greenish and up to 19 mm long.
Pupa -- The reddish-brown pupae are 11 to 13 mm long.
Host Plants -- Sod webworms feed on lawns, golf course grasses, some clovers, corn, tobacco, bluegrass, timothy, as well as pasture and field grasses. They usually favor bluegrass and Tifdwarf hybrid bermudagrass, but will attack most grasses.

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