Fruit tree leafroller

Archips argyrospila

Description. Fruit tree leaftroller overwinters in the egg stage in irregular masses of 30 to 100 eggs cemented over with a secretion. Young larvae are light green caterpillars with black heads and are first seen at bud break. The mature larva is about an inch long and has a green body and black head. The black head helps distinguish fruittree leafroller from other leafrollers. There is one generation per season.
Damage. The fruittree leafroller feeds principally on leaves, but also feeds on blossoms, flower buds, and fruits during bloom. Tiny larvae work their way into opening leaf buds to feed. Once the tree has leafed out, larvae tie up leaves and live within leafrolls, feeding on leaves or fruit. Larvae damage fruit in much the same way as green fruitworms, resulting in shallow cavities in the fruit. Damaged fruits that remain on the tree develop deep bronze-colored scars with roughened, netlike surfaces.

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