Touchdown 480 Liquid

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For Control of Annual and Perennial Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds

Glyphosate ..................................... 330 g/L acid equivalent
........................ (present as 480 g/L trimethylsulfonium salt)

Always store in original container with top closed.
Avoid contamination of seed, feed and foodstuffs.
Product is not affected by freezing.

Observe safety and protective measures as noted under PRECAUTIONS.
Liquid spills on floor or other impervious surfaces should be contained or diked, and should be absorbed with attapulgite, bentonite or other absorbent clays (kitty litter, etc.) Collect contaminated absorbent, place in plastic lined metal drum and dispose of in accordance with instructions provided under DISPOSAL. Thoroughly scrub floor or other impervious surfaces with a strong industrial type detergent solution and rinse with water.
Liquid spills that soak into the ground should be dug-up, placed in plastic-lined metal drums and disposed of in accordance with instructions provided under DISPOSAL.
Leaking containers should be separated from non-leakers and either the container or its contents transferred to a plastic-lined drum or other non-leaking container and disposed of by use according to label directions or in accordance with instructions provided under DISPOSAL. Any recovered spilled liquid should be similarly collected and disposed of according to DISPOSAL statement.

For information on disposal of unused, unwanted product, contact the manufacturer or the provincial regulatory agency. Contact the manufacturer and the provincial regulatory agency in case of a spill, and for clean-up of spills.
Do not reuse this container for any purpose. This is a recyclable container, and is to be disposed of at a container collection site. Contact your local distributor/dealer or municipality for the location of the nearest collection site. Before taking the container to the collection site:
1. Triple- or pressure-rinse the empty container. Add the rinsings to the spray mixture in the tank.
2. Make the empty, rinsed container unsuitable for further use.
If there is no container collection site in your area, dispose of the container in accordance with provincial requirements
For disposal, this container may be returned to the point of purchase (distributor/dealer). It must be refilled by the distributor/dealer with the same product. Do not use this container for any other purpose.
If the container is not being refilled, refer to the section "FOR DISPOSAL OF PLASTIC JUGS".

Do not apply this product using aerial equipment.
TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide is a water-soluble herbicide for non-selective weed control:
In cropping systems - before planting of all crops, pre-harvest application in wheat, flax (including low linolenic varieties), lentils, oats, barley, canola, peas, soybeans and dry beans and post harvest stubble treatment.
In pasture renovation;
In forage, legume and grass establishment;
In minimum tillage systems;
In tree, vine and berry crops; apple, cherry, peach, apricot, pear, plum, grapes, blueberries, nuts, strawberries, cranberries and sugar beets.
TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide is to be applied as a foliage spray for the control of most herbaceous plants. It may be applied through most standard industrial or field type sprayers after dilution and thorough mixing with water in accordance with the booklet instructions.
TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide moves through the plant from the point of foliage contact into the root system. Visible effects on most annual weeds occur within 2 to 4 days but on most perennial weeds may not occur until 7 to 10 days. Extremely cool or cloudy weather at treatment time may slow down activity of this product and delay visual effects of control. Visible effects are a gradual wilting and yellowing of the plant which advances to complete browning of above ground growth and deterioration of underground plant parts.
This product does not provide residual weed control. For subsequent residual weed control apply a registered residual herbicide. Read & carefully observe cautionary statements and all other information appearing on the labels of all herbicides used.

Reduced results may occur if water containing soil is used, such as water from ponds and ditches. Poor control may also occur when treating weeds heavily covered with dust.
Avoid contact with desirable vegetation by direct application or spray drift as destruction may result.
Avoid drift or overspray to non-target vegetation and wildlife habitats.
Do not use in greenhouses.
Mix only the amount of solution to be used during a one-day period, as reduced activity may result from use of leftover solution.
Drain and clean application equipment immediately after using this product.
Do not contaminate water sources by disposal of waste or cleaning of equipment.
Maintain a 15 m buffer zone around non-target areas.
CAUTION: Do not graze the treated crops or cut for hay; sufficient data are not available to support such use.

The following are use situations for TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide. Information on the equipment selected to apply TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide can be found in the APPLICATION EQUIPMENT section. Use rates can then be selected from the TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide USE RATES section.
The type of vegetation present and the use situation will dictate the choice of application equipment.

Prior to Planting (all crops):
This product may be applied prior to planting all crops for control of emerged weeds listed on this label. Apply before seeding or transplanting crops.
This product, or labelled tank mixes may be applied in summerfallow to control weeds listed on this label.
Post Harvest Stubble Treatment:
This product, or labelled tank mixes may be applied to control weeds listed on this label.
Fall Stubble:
This product, or labelled tank mixes may be applied in fall stubble to control weeds listed on this label.
Spot Treatments (In-crop):
May be used to control perennial weeds in barley, corn, oats, soybeans, wheat, strawberry, blueberry, forage grasses and legumes including seed production. Treatments may be made up to heading of small grain, initial pod set on soybeans, silking of corn, and emergence of seed heads. The crop in the treated area will be destroyed. Avoid drift beyond the treated area. DO NOT APPLY IF CROP GROWTH HAS ADVANCED BEYOND SEED SET. DO NOT GRAZE OR HARVEST TREATED AREAS IN FORAGES. (See General Use Precautions section for more information).
Application can be made using a boom sprayer, knapsack or high volume equipment (See APPLICATION EQUIPMENT).
Minimum and Zero Tillage Systems (All field crops including cereals, oilseeds, pluses, forages and corn):
Apply prior to or after seeding but before crop emerges for control of emerged weeds. DO NOT APPLY AFTER CROP EMERGENCE.
Since TOUCHDOWN 480 Liquid Herbicide does not provide residual weed control, application too far in advance of seeding will allow weeds to emerge between application and crop emergence.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apples2.25 - 12 l30
Apricots2.25 - 12 l30
Cherries2.25 - 12 l30
Peaches2.25 - 12 l30
Peas2.25 - 12 l30
Plums2.25 - 12 l30
Grapes2.25 - 12 l30
Blueberries0 l30
Hazelnuts2.25 - 3.5 l14
Walnut2.25 - 12 l
Chestnuts2.25 - 12 l
Nuts2.25 - 12 l
Cranberries0 l50
Strawberries0 l30
Sugar beets0 l
Glyphosate who kills all plants0 l