Canada blue grass

Poa compressa

Canada bluegrass is an introduced, perennial, rhizomatous grass. Culms are 15-20 cm (5.9-7.9 in) tall, hollow, flattened and glabrous to scaberulous. Sheaths are open, glaberous, smooth, or faintly scaberulous, flattened, and keeled. Leaves are 1-4 mm (0.04-0.16 in) wide and 2-10 cm (0.79-3.94 in) long, flat, folded or loosely involute, boat tipped, glabrous to scabrous and have two grooves down middle of upper blade surface. Collars are yellow, auricles absent and ligules are membranous, 0.5-1.5 mm (0.02-0.06 in) long, obtuse, ciliolate, and puberulent abaxially. The inflorescence is a narrow panicle 3-8 cm (1.18-3.15 in) long. Spikelets are 3to 8 flowered, 4-6 mm (0.16-0.24 in) long and crowded at the end of the branches. The first glume is 2-3 mm (0.08-0.12 in) long, acute and second glume is slightly longer and broader than the first. Lemmas are 2-3 mm (0.08-0.12 in) long, compressed-keeled, web scant or absent and keel and marginal nerves are slightly pubescent and glabrous between.

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