Daisy fleabane

Erigeron annuus

Distinguishing Features: Daisy fleabane is recognizable due to its composite flowers, hairy stems and hairy leaves. It is a pretty, but ubiquitous plant that seems to appear on its own. Although in the Aster family, it is distinguished from asters with similar flowers by its earlier blooming season.
Flowers: The daisy fleabane has composite flowers and is comprised of at least forty rayless flowers. The radially symmetrical flowering structure is characterized by a wide, bright yellow, central disk that is surrounded by short, petal-like, white to white/pink rays. These rays are short compared to the width of the central disk and are supported underneath by green sepals of equal length.
Leaves: This wild edible produces two different types of leaves; lanceolate-to-ovate, basal leaves are long, some measure up to 15 cm. in length and they are covered in hairs. The leaves along the stem are smaller, toothed, clasping, and they too are somewhat hairy.
Height: This plant can grow anywhere between 30 and 150 centimetres in height.

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