American plum borer

Euzophera semifuneralis

Male and female APB are identical. Wingspread ranges from 17-28 mm (2/3-1 inch. The forewing is narrow and somewhat triangular; the hind wing is broad and fringed on the trailing edge. The overall color of the moth is a light grayish brown. The forewing is generally reddish brown, marked by wavy black and brown vertical bands about 2/3 of the distance from its base. Those markings may vary considerably in color and intensity. The hind wing is pale brownish gray with a darkened margin at the base of the fringe. Some veins of the hind wing may be darker than the wing.
There are two moth flights per year in New York State. In the western part of the state, the first begins in mid-May and peaks about 2 weeks later. The second flight peaks near the end of July. APB adults are active at night and seldom seen. However, male activity can be monitored using wing traps baited with a commercially available APB pheromone lure. The female is attracted to gum exuded from wounds in the bark of stone fruit trees. It lays 20-50 eggs in a couple of days on or near this gum.


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