Nicosulfuron 4SC

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Nicosulfuron 4SC herbicide is a suspension concentrate used at a rate 6 - 24 ft oz per for selective postemergence grass weed control in field corn. Do not apply to popcorn or sweet corn. Do not make more than two applications of Nicosulfuron 4SC per cropping season. The combined dosage of sequential applications cannot exceed 24 fl oz of Nicosulfuron 4SC per acre.

1. Ensure the spray system is free of residues from previous applications.
2. Fill the tank 1/2 full of clean water.
3. While agitating, add the required amount of Nicosulfuron 4SC and complete filling with water.
4. Thoroughly mix Nicosulfuron 4SC with water before adding any other material.
5. Continue agitation until the spraying is completed.
6. Avoid overnight storage of Nicosulfuron 4SC spray mixtures.
7. If Nicosulfuron 4SC and a tank mix partner are to be applied in multiple loads, repeat the above procedures from 2 to 5.

Nicosulfuron 4SC may be used on field corn. Do not apply to popcorn or sweet corn. Nicosulfuron 4SC may be broadcast to corn up to 20" tall (free standing) or that is exhibiting up to and including 6 leaf collars (V6), whichever is more restrictive. While Nicosulfuron 4SC has a wide application window, research has shown best results are ' obtained when applications are made early postemergence when corn and weeds are small. Target applications to corn that is less than 12" tall for best overall performance.

Timing to Weeds
Apply Nicosulfuron 4SC when grasses are young and actively growing, but before they exceed the sizes indicated in Table 1. Treat heavy infestations of weeds
before they become too competitive with the crop, especially where soil moisture and/or fertility are limited. Nicosulfuron 4SC provides weed control via foliar
absorption. Nicosulfuron 4SC only controls those weeds that have emerged. For later-emerging weeds, a second application or a timely cultivation is required. Applications made to weeds larger than the size indicated on this label or to weeds under stress may result in unsatisfactory control. Refer to LATE OR RESCUE APPLICATIONS.

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