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REALM Q is a selective herbicide for burndown and residual control of certain annual grass and broadleaf weeds when applied postemergence to field corn grown for grain or silage. REALM Q can be tank mixed with a variety of herbicides to improve burndown and residual control. REALM Q is absorbed through the roots and leaf tissue of plants, rapidly inhibiting the growth of susceptible weeds. Rainfall or sprinkler irrigation is needed to move REALM Q into the soil. Susceptible weeds will generally not emerge from a postemerge application with activating rainfall or sprinkler irrigation (>0.5 inch). In some cases, susceptible weeds may germinate and emerge a few days after application, but growth then ceases and leaves become chlorotic three to five days after emergence. Death of leaf tissue and growing point will follow in some species, while others will remain green, stunted and noncompetitive. DuPont REALM Q is best used as part of a sequential application herbicide program, following a before-planting application of DuPont ALLUVEX, DuPont BASIS Blend, DuPont BREAKFREE or DuPont CINCH brands, DuPont INSTIGATE, DuPont LEADOFF, DuPont PREQUEL, DuPont RESOLVE Q herbicides and/or other pre-applied corn herbicides. Refer to the label of the respective corn herbicide partner for specific use directions. For post emergence applications of REALM Q, if activating rainfall or sprinkler irrigation (>0.5 inch) is not received within 5 to 7 days after application, follow with a cultivation or with a sequential application of DuPont ACCENT Q herbicide, DuPont REVULIN Q herbicide, DuPont STEADFAST Q, or glyphosate such as ABUNDIT Extra as needed.

Do not apply to field corn grown for seed, to popcorn or to sweet corn.
Do not apply more than 4.0 oz of REALM Q per acre per year.
Do not apply more than 1.0 oz active ingredient rimsulfuron in a year. This includes postemergence applications of REALM Q, as well as rimsulfuron from applications of products such as ALLUVEX, BASIS Blend, INSTIGATE, LEADOFF, PREQUEL, RESOLVE Q, RESOLVE SG and STEADFAST Q. Do not apply more than 3.85 ounces active ingredient of mesotrione in a year. This includes postemergence applications of REALM Q, as well as mesotrione from application(s) of products such as INSTIGATE or REVULIN Q. Do not make the second application of a mesotrione containing product within 14 days of the first application. Do not tank mix REALM Q with “Basagran” or severe crop injury may occur. Do not tank mix REALM Q with foliar-applied organophosphate or carbamate insecticides such as chlorpyrafos (“Lorsban”), malathion, parathion, etc, as severe crop injury may occur. To avoid crop injury or antagonism, apply these products at least 7 days before or 7 days after the application of REALM Q. Do not apply REALM Q within 45 days of crop emergence where the organophosphate insecticide, terbufos ("Counter") was applied since crop injury may occur. Applications made to corn previously treated with chlorpyrifos or other similar organophosphate insecticides may result in unacceptable crop injury. Any crop injury or yield loss resulting from these applications are the responsibility of the grower. Do not apply REALM Q to corn that exhibits herbicide injury from previous applications made to the current or preceding crop. Do not use liquid nitrogen fertilizer as the total carrier solution for postemergence applications. Injury or loss of desirable trees or vegetation may result from failure to observe the following:
- Do not apply REALM Q or drain or flush application equipment on or near desirable trees or other plants, or on areas where their roots may extend, or in locations where the chemical may be washed or moved into contract with their roots.
- Do not use on lawns, walks, driveways, tennis courts, or similar areas.
- Do not contaminate any body of water.
Do not graze, feed forage, grain or fodder (stover) from treated areas to livestock within 45 days of REALM Q application.
Do not harvest grain within 70 days or harvest forage or stover within 45 days of REALM Q application.
Do not use aerial application to apply REALM Q unless specified otherwise under the specific crop section on the label.
Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. This product contains 0.0375 pound of the safener isoxadifen-ethyl per pound of product. Applying the maximum application rate of REALM Q at 4 ounces per acre will deliver 0.01 pound of isoxadifen-ethyl per acre. When tank mixing for applications to field corn, do not apply more than a total of 0.17 pound of isoxadifen-ethyl per acre per year.

REALM Q may interact with certain insecticides previously applied to the crop. Crop response varies with field corn type, insecticide used, insecticide application methods, and soil type. REALM Q may be applied to corn previously treated with Fortress, SmartChoice, Aztec, or Force insecticides, or other non-organophosphate soil insecticides regardless of soil type. REALM Q may be applied with pyrethroid type insecticides such as “Asana” or “Warrior” or with diamide type insecticides such as DuPont PREVATHON. Crop injury may occur following an application of REALM Q if there is a prolonged period of cold weather and/or in conjunction with wet soils. Prevent drift or spray onto desirable plants. Thoroughly clean application equipment immediately after use (See Sprayer Cleanup section of this label).

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