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Carefully read, understand and follow label use rates and restrictions. Apply the amount specified in the following tables with properly calibrated aerial or ground spray equipment. Prepare only the amount of spray solution required to treat the measured acreage. The low rates within the rate range may be used for light infestations of the target pests and the higher rates within the rate range for moderate to heavy infestations. Seeker insecticide may be applied in either dilute or concentrate sprays so long as the application equipment is calibrated and adjusted to deliver thorough, uniform coverage. Use the specified amount of Seeker SE per acre regardless of the spray volume used.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Winter wheat1.6 - 3.1 oz30
Spring wheat1.6 - 3.1 oz30
Canola1.6 - 3.1 oz14
Soybeans1.6 - 3.1 oz14