Surflan Dry Flowable

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General Information
Surflan Dry Flowable herbicide is a preemergence, surface applied herbicide for the control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds. Surflan Dry Flowable controls susceptible annual weeds by disrupting plant growth processes during germination. Surflan Dry Flowable may be applied in liquid sprays of water or liquid fertilizer. Surflan Dry Flowable may be tank mixed with other herbicides to control existing vegetation or improve the spectrum of weeds controlled. Surflan Dry Flowable alone does not control established weeds.

General Use Precautions and Restrictions
Do not graze or feed forage from treated fields or orchards to livestock.
Do not over-apply Surflan Dry Flowable. Over-application may result in crop injury or soil residue.
Do not plant any root crop for 12 months following a Surflan Dry Flowable application.
Do not use Surflan Dry Flowable on soils containing more than 5% organic matter.
Apply Surflan Dry Flowable directly to the soil surface in orchards or vineyards. 
For orchard crops, including citrus, pome fruits, stone fruits, and tree nuts, apply product: only as a strip treatment in the tree rows; do not apply to row middles or drive rows. 
Carefully follow label directions to avoid poor weed control or crop injury.
Chemigation: Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Do not aerially apply this product.

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