Water primrose

Ludwigia peploides

Prostrate often villous herb, rooting at the nodes or floating, with pneumatophores restricted to submerged parts; flowering stems ascending.

Leaves alternate, usually oblanceolate to obovate, usually 1–10 cm long, 4–30 mm wide, base tapering; petiole 2–30 mm long.

Flowers solitary in upper leaf axils; bracteoles triangular, near middle of ovary. Sepals 5, triangular. Petals 10–20 mm long, yellow, darker at base. Stamens 10.

Fruit terete, 10–30 mm long, 2–4 mm diam., 10-ribbed, thick-walled and tardily dehiscent; seeds in each loculus in 1 row, embedded in endocarp.

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