Grindelia camporum

Leaves about 5 cm. (2 inches), or less, long, varying from broadly spatulate or oblong to lanceolate, sessile or clasping, obtuse, more or less sharply serrate, often spinosely toothed, or even laciniate-pinnatifid, pale green, smooth, finely dotted, thickish, brittle, beads many-flowered, subglobular or somewhat conical; the involucre hemispherical, about 10 Mm. (2/5 inch) broad, composed of numerous imbricated, squarrosely-tipped or spreading scales; ray-florets yellow, ligulate, pistillate; disk-florets yellow, tubular, perfect; pappus consisting of 2 or 3 awns of the length of the disk-florets; odor balsamic; taste pungently aromatic and bitter.

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