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Lexar EZ may be used preemergence and postemergence in the culture of field corn and seed corn. Lexar EZ may also be used in the culture of sweet corn, yellow popcorn, and grain sorghum, but the application must be made prior to crop emergence (preemergence), or severe crop injury may occur.
Lexar EZ is recommended for preemergence use for control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in the crops described above. Lexar EZ may also be applied early postemergence for the control of broadleaf weeds in field corn (preemergence only in sweet corn, yellow popcorn, and grain sorghum). See Table 1 and 2 for a list of weeds controlled. Lexar EZ will not consistently control grasses that are emerged at the time of application.
Lexar EZ is a unique combination of the herbicides: S-metolachlor, mesotrione, and atrazine. Lexar EZ controls weeds by interfering with normal germination and seedling development. It is recommended for management of the weed species listed in Tables 1 and 2.

Use Restrictions and Precautions
1. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
2. Do not use aerial application to apply Lexar EZ.
3. Do not use Lexar EZ on any crop other than field corn (for grain, seed, or silage), sweet corn (preemergence applications only), yellow popcorn (preemergence applications only), or grain sorghum (preemergence applications only).
4. Do not use Lexar EZ in the culture of white popcorn or ornamental (Indian) corn or injury may occur.
5. Do not apply under conditions which favor runoff or wind erosion of soil containing this product to non-target areas.
6. To prevent off-site movement due to runoff or wind erosion:
a. Avoid treating powdery dry or light sand soils when conditions are favorable for wind erosion. Under these conditions, the soil surface should first be settled by rainfall or irrigation.
b. Do not apply to impervious substrates, such as paved or highly compacted surfaces.
c. Do not use tail water from the first flood or furrow irrigation of treated fields to treat nontarget crops, unless at least 1/2 inch of rainfall has occurred between application and the first irrigation.
7. Observe all precautions and limitations on the label of each product used in tank mixtures.
8. Thoroughly clean sprayer or other application device before using. Dispose of cleaning solution in a responsible manner. Do not use a sprayer or applicator contaminated with other materials, or crop damage or sprayer clogging of the application device may occur.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

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