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Parallel Plus is a herbicide recommended before planting, before or after emergence for control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in corn. Parallel Plus can also be used before crop emergence for control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in grain or forage sorghum provided the sorghum seed has been properly treated by the seed company with Concep or Screen. This product may be tank mixed with other herbicides for weed control in conventional tillage corn.
This product may also be tank mixed with other herbicides specified on this label for weed control in conventional, minimum-till, and no-till corn, grain sorghum, or forage sorghum. Tank mixtures are permitted only in those states where the tank mix partner is registered. Refer to and follow the label of each tank mix product used for precautionary statements, directions for use, geographic and other restrictions.
When tank mixing or sequentially applying atrazine or products containing atrazine to corn or sorghum, do not exceed an application rate of 2.0 pounds active ingredient of atrazine per acre for any single application and the total pounds of atrazine applied (lb. ai per acre) must not exceed 2.5 pounds active ingredient per acre per year.
Following many years of continuous use of atrazine (one of the active ingredients in this product), and products chemically related to atrazine, biotypes of some of the weeds listed on this label which are controlled by the atrazine component have been reported to develop resistance to this and chemically-related herbicides. Where this is known or suspected and weeds controlled by this product are expected to be present along with resistant biotypes, we recommend the use of Parallel Plus in combination or in sequence with registered herbicides which do not contain triazines. Consult with your State Agricultural Extension Service for specific recommendations.

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