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TACKLE herbicide provides burndown and residual control of many broadleaf and grass weeds in soybeans. It can be applied to no-till soybeans as a burn down prior to planting. It may also bd applied p, ostemergence to Roundup Ready soybeans for season-long weed control. TACKLE is effective for contrql of difficult weeds common to no-till production.  Occasionally, internode shortening and/or temporary yellowing of crop plants may occur following an application
of TACKLE. These effects occur infrequently and are usually temporary. BURN DOWN WEED CONTROL (No-till soybeans and stale seedbed) Apply TACKLE for burndown of weeds in no-till soybeans. It may be applied prior, to planting, or preemergence of any soybean variety (including Roundup Ready or non-Roundup Ready soybeans), Add 2,4-0 or dicamba products to the spray tank for enhanced control of perennial weeds including mar~stail and hemp dogbane.

ROUNDUP READY SOYBEANS (glyphosate resistant)
TACKLE may also be applied for postemergence weed control in Roundup Ready soybeans. Apply TACKLE for general weed burndown and season-long control of broadleaf and grass weeds. For season-long control of grass weeds, apply an approved preemegence herbici,de prior tt, planting soybeans. Several herbicides such as PROWL 3.3 EC, PROWL H20, and DUAL MAGNUM brands will also enhance control of waterhemp. A postemergence application of TACKLE will control many: escape -1eeds and provide season-long control of most broad leaf and grass weeds.  When mixing TACKLE herbicide with 2,4-0, dicamba products, or soybean preemergence herbicides, always use in accordance with the more restrictive label limitations and precautions. No label dosage rates should be exceeded. This product can not be mixed with any product containing a label prohibition against such mixing. When organophosphate (such as chlorpyrifos) or carbamate, insecticides are tank-mixed with TACKLE, temporary injury may result to the treated crops. NOTE: DO NOT apply TACKLE postemergence to non-glyphosate-resistant soybeans.


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